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   Chapter 142 Do You Want To Kill Yourself

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"Jean, had your mother passed away a long time ago?" Zed cautiously asked while he was looking at Jean's face.

After she heard what Zed said, Jean's face turned pale and her big eyes were slowly filled with tears. She didn't really want to talk about her mother, but she just couldn't resist Zed. She frowned because of the pain that had been accumulated deep down inside her heart. Finally, she decided to tell it to Zed. She wore an awkward smile and said, "My parents divorced when I was four years old. The court ordered that I should live with my father. Not so long after they divorced, I heard the news that my mother had passed away. And I... I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to her. I..."

Jean paused for a while. Speaking about her mother made her feel so miserable. She couldn't control what she had felt that time. Her tears poured down to her cheeks as she began to cry.

Jean couldn't continue what she had started to say because of the extreme sadness she felt. So she placed a hand on her mouth and turned around.

Zed felt guilty and remorseful as he saw her cry.

'Hey, Zed! Why the hell did you ask Jean about her mother?

Did you see what you've done? She had gone so sad and couldn't stop crying now.

Jean definitely misses her mother so much.

What she regrets most is the fact that she missed her last chance to see her mother before her mother passed away.

Because of that, Jean has turned her earnest care and attention over to her grandma. Her grandma is the most important God-given gift she has.

You should have make Shirley Wen pay for what she had done.'

Zed thought and signed. Then, he took a deep breath and walked into the ward.

As he closed the ward's door, he felt that the room had a depressing atmosphere.

Jean sat on the bed and sadly gazed at her grandma.

After a while, Zed walked closer to her, tapped her shoulder and said, "Sorry, Jean, I didn't mean to make you sad."

"Don't worry. I'm fine." Jean shook her head and wiped her face with her hand as if she was wiping her sadness away.

"I know you are a very kind woman, Jean. Though sometimes you pretend to seek revenge over small grudges, I know you are kind deep inside your heart. My girl, God knows that, too. He will definitely bless you in everything you do."? Standing next to her, Zed tried to comfort Jean. At the same time, he secretly thought, 'You have me now, Jean.

I will take care of you and make you happy.'

After hearing

g the hospital? Do you want to kill yourself? Besides, even if you are allowed to leave, I can't leave grandma alone here."

"Don't worry about that. I will ask my assistant to come here and take care of grandma. I really want to go home, Jean." Zed showed his cute eyes and looked at her. Then he continued, "I know myself so well. I'm strong and healthy. If you force me to stay in hospital, I would be depressed and feel upset. It's really lonely staying here."

"Save it! Last time I was in hospital, you took care of me every day. I didn't even notice that you were depressed or upset."

Jean said and snorted. Jean didn't even look at him because she didn't believe him.

"I regret being part of that show. It wasted me a lot of time. There's a lot of tasks I need to do and finish. Believe me, without me in the office, the company will be a complete mess soon."

Zed continued to convince Jean to let him get out of the hospital. Meanwhile, he also liked Jean's concern for him. It made him feel assured that his wife really cared about him. Zed somehow hoped that moment would last forever.

"Why do you still think about your work? You are severely ill. If you leave now, your health would highly be at risk. Do you want to kill yourself, Zed?"

Jean couldn't stay calm when Zed mentioned about his work and his company.

She couldn't understand why Zed cared more about his work than his health. She was really worried about him and continued, "What are those people you have employed for? Do you think they are not qualified for their job? If your doctor won't let you leave yet, then, you won't leave!"

Jean determinedly said.

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