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   Chapter 141 It’s Killing Me

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Astonished by his statement, Shirley looked at Zed. She was rendered speechless by his harsh and unwavering demeanor.

"If it weren't for Jean, your family would be in huge trouble. After all the things you've done, " Zed stopped to shake his head before continuing, "the whole Wen family deserves to be punished." With contempt written all over his face, Zed glanced at Shirley as he said, "If I didn't appreciate that your family sent Jean to me and if it weren't for my concern about Jean's feelings, I would not have spared anyone from the Wen family."

Without warning, Zed grabbed Shirley by the collar and added, "I'll forgive you this time. But be careful, Shirley Wen. Jean is my wife. If you dare to touch her again, then you and your family had better be prepared for the consequences. Think about it."

As soon as he was done, Zed turned and walked away. He didn't even stop to spare Shirley another glance.

As he walked back to the ward, Zed thought about how the situation had played out. Jean had eventually let him deal with Shirley.

It meant that Jean still couldn't be harsh with her family.

In consideration of her feelings, Zed had given Shirley another chance.

It was in Shirley's best interest to stop messing with Jean. Otherwise, Zed would teach her a lesson she would never forget!

'Shirley Wen, let's hope you don't give me that chance.' Zed thought.

Shirley fell to the floor after Zed had released her. Her strength seemed to have drained away. She felt so exhausted that it took her a long time to recover from what had happened.

A short while later, Shirley slowly raised her head. Jean had really changed. Gone was the whimpering girl who didn't have the courage to look Shirley in the eye. She hadn't expected that Jean would grow so bold as to slap her. Not once, not twice, but three times. Jean had gone too far! The supercilious expression on Shirley's face had disappeared with the first slap. Now that Jean and Zed had both left, Shirley scowled. The more she thought about what had just happened, the more vicious her expression became.

When Zed returned to the ward he saw that Jean was talking to the doctor.

Meanwhile, Jean's grandma was comfortably sleeping on the hospital bed.

Jean's grandma looked so peaceful at the moment that Zed couldn't believe that she had just been in so much pain.

She had been off her medicines for several days because of what Shirley had done. If they hadn't learned of Shirley's scheme in time, Jean's grandma's health would have continued to deteriorate.

Zed turned around quietly and stepped out of the ward. He took a deep breath as if he were trying to inhale the peace in the empty hallway as a way to calm his inner turmoil. When that didn't work, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Before he could take a drag, the cigarette was snatched from his hand.

"Did you forget that you are still a patient?" Jean put out the cigarette before she shot Zed an apologetic smile. She felt terribly guilty, "Zed, I'm sorry. The problems my family create prevent you from getting the rest you need."

"Don't say that."

r foot in feigned indignation as she realized that her action of hiding in Zed's chest had led him to call her an ostrich. Already extremely embarrassed, Jean couldn't handle the teasing, and so, she wiggled out of his arms and turned toward the ward.

Seeing Jean flee, Zed burst into laughter. Still shaking his head at Jean's antics, he began walking in her direction.

After returning to the ward, Jean stood beside the bed and watched her sleeping grandma.

"What are you thinking about?" Zed stepped close to her and asked with concern.

"Zed, do you think grandma can be cured?" Jean lifted her eyes to look at Zed as she asked. Her eyes were full of hope. Some part of her must not be able to accept that the grandmother she once knew and loved, had been lost to this awful disease.

"Jean..." Zed breathed out. He empathized with Jean and felt equally helpless as there wasn't much that he could do to remedy this situation for her. Since he knew that Jean was aware that there was no cure for Alzheimer's, he didn't need to put into words that grandma would never be cured. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. "I know that you love your grandmother very much. And that at some point in your life, she was a great substitute mother to you, but Jean, she's old. The only thing we can do now, is to ensure that she lives comfortably for the rest of her days."

Developments in the medical field had not yet reached the stage where an old woman with Alzheimer's could be cured.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. But I really don't want to see grandma getting older and weaker." Tears rushed down Jean's face.

Her voice was choked with sobs and her heart felt as though it was shattering. She couldn't bear to think of what lay ahead for her grandmother.

"Don't cry. It's killing me to see you so upset."

Zed gently placed his palms on Jean's cheeks and nudged her face upward so that he could look at her. With his thumbs, he wiped away her tears. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead before looking at her with all the love he could muster.

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