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   Chapter 140 Overconfident Woman

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Upon hearing about Henry, Jean was startled and her heart felt heavy.

That man had never treated her as his daughter.

He had not abandoned her after Jean's mother died as he had seen her as a bargaining chip and someone he could use to advance his selfish needs when she grew up.

He could be merciless, but she...

A mixed feeling surged through Jean. She was overwhelmed. On one hand, she welcomed the thought that he was miserable and suffering, just as she had been as a child. On the other, her heart lurched when she thought of her father lying in a hospital bed.

No matter how much she hated him, he was her father.

Henry could abandon her, but she couldn't abandon him.

Jean had thought of taking revenge for all the wrong he had done to her. But she had only gone so far as to sever her relationship with Henry. It hadn't changed much between them really. Henry still behaved awfully toward her. He still approached her when he wanted something. And yes, on many occasions, Jean had naively hoped that he had changed and would actually love her.

Now, he was sick...

Jean knew that she should put aside her concerns about Henry. She had to act as though she wasn't worried.

Henry had Joy as well as Shirley and Winner. He would be okay. She had other more pressing problems to deal with at the moment.

Jean took a deep breath and tried to let all the sadness flow out as she released the air she had breathed in.

Jean followed Zed to a quiet corner of the hospital. Shirley turned and smirked at the young couple. Before she could speak, Jean raised her hand and slapped her half-sister across the face.

Shirley was stunned.

As she wrapped her mind around the fact that Jean had slapped her, Shirley's temper mounted and she roared, "Jean! How dare you? You want to risk your grandmother's life?"

"I slapped you because of what you did to my grandmother, " replied Jean. Jean stared at Shirley angrily for a moment before speaking slowly, "I know you have envied me for marrying Zed. And I know you have hated me even more because you covet my life. No matter how many grudges we hold against each other, they only concern us. There was no need to involve my grandmother."

Shirley became a little afraid when Jean's attitude turned aggressive. She turned to Zed who witnessed Jean's actions. She implored, "Zed, you sa


Seeing Shirley's disgusting behavior, Jean sneered and mocked, "Why didn't you think of our blood ties when you and your mother bullied me?"

Jean once again slapped Shirley's face, right on the swollen red marks.

Shirley's expression changed. She had been so confident that Jean would take pity on her and wouldn't hit her again, especially since Jean didn't look angry anymore. How wrong she was!

"Shirley, you underestimated me. If you bully me, I might walk away without doing anything to you. But if you bully and manipulate my grandmother, and even go so far as to endanger her life, I will never let you go!"

Jean shook her head at the sobbing Shirley and walked toward Zed.

She nodded to him and said quietly, "I'll go check on my grandmother. Do what you intended to this awful creature!"

"Go ahead. I will catch up with you soon." Zed patted Jean's shoulder as he spoke. He couldn't have been more proud of Jean as he was in this moment. She had really come a long way from being a doormat for her family to standing up to them and teaching them that they could not underestimate her.

Seeing Jean walking away, Shirley decided to try a different approach. Slowly, she stood and begged Zed pitifully, "Mr. Qi, please help me."

Zed glowered at Shirley. 'You were so confident that you could manipulate Jean, weren't you? Now you've gotten yourself into trouble and you have the guts to ask me for help?'

Zed sneered and shook his head as he said, "Do you really think that I will help someone who threatens my wife and her grandmother?"

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