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   Chapter 139 He Would Not Let Her Go Easily

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Zed frowned as he said.

Jean was shocked and stopped at the door. She turned and looked to Zed with a startled expression.

Zed looked so solemn. Jean had never seen such an expression on Zed's face. He gently nodded to Jean indicating that she needed to answer Shirley's call.

Jean took a deep breath, then quickly took her phone from the table where she had left it while taking care of her grandmother. She stared at the screen for the longest while before swallowing and swiping the screen to answer the call. Her face paled.

Judging from the change in Jean's expression, Zed quickly strode toward Jean. He had hoped that closer proximity to her would offer her some comfort and confidence. She would need all the help she could get to deal with her half-sister at a time like this.

Zed cursed Shirley in his mind and vowed to not let her go easily if she had indeed, done something horrific like risking Jean's grandmother's life to get what she wanted.

A person who could stoop so low didn't deserve any mercy. None at all. And Zed would show Shirley how awful he could be.

"Shirley…" Jean's voice broke as she spoke. She was terrified of what Shirley might have done to cause her grandmother such pain. She was worried and anxious and it showed in her voice. Zed's presence offered her some strength and instead of waiting for Shirley to answer, Jean screamed, "What have you done to my grandma? How can you be so vile? What did my grandmother do to deserve this? Do you have no humanity left?"

"Sister, how can you be so rude to me?" Shirley countered slowly and steadily. Her voice conveyed feigned grievance and sadness, "I know that you are busy. Since you married Zed, you have had less time to visit your grandma in the sanatorium. I brought your grandma here because she missed you. I just wanted to help. Are you unhappy about this?"

"Do not play tricks on me. What have you done to my grandma? She is groaning in pain! Listen to me carefully, Shirley. If you did something bad to my grandma, I will make you suffer for the rest of your life!" Jean's expression turned grim as she warned her half-sister.

"Please don't be so angry with me, sister. You're scaring me." Shirley replied innocently. "She looked hungry. So I simply served her something to eat. I just meant to show my kindness and consideration toward her. So if you think I did anything wrong, please forgive me."

Shirley's feigned innocence and humility angered Jean. She took several deep breaths to calm herself. However, that didn't work. The more she thought of what Shirley could have fed her grandmother to have caused her such discomfort, the more her blood boiled. With a scream of frustration, Jean almost wanted to throw her phone on the ground.

Jean's enraged expression increased Zed's worry. He reached out and placed a reassuring hand on Jean's shoulder and when she turned to face him, he gently pried the phone from her hand.

Jean looked at her grandma who was clutching her stomach and moaning in agony. She must have been in tremendous pain for her face was wet with tears. Jean sighed in defeat as she handed the phone to Zed.

It was now clear that Shirley had plann

nked rapidly in bewilderment at Shirley's order. She managed a sardonic smile and then replied, "Okay, as you wish. I will join you and Zed!"

'Since you have been so shameless, I will follow you and take this opportunity to understand your evil purpose further.'

Zed didn't expect that Shirley would be so bold as to invite Jean to join their negotiation. Shirley's overconfidence and thorough lack of consideration increased Zed's resolution to take her down soon.

"Okay, then let's go together." Zed reached out and held Jean's had before they walked out the door. Instead of waiting for Shirley to lead the way, Zed continued walking. Shirley was left standing by the door.

"Zed, something is not right." Jean lowered her voice and murmured. "In the past, whenever Shirley and I were in the same room, she would use any opportunity to hit me or curse me. But today, she smiled at us both. Her tone is firm and steady as well. She's not being her usual self. I wonder why. I'm also wondering whether she has something worse planned."

"Don't worry, she dare not play tricks in my presence." Zed comforted Jean with a soft tone.

Jean looked to Zed and nodded. She felt reassured after hearing Zed.

Shirley's increased hatred toward Jean and all the troubles she caused for Jean in recent weeks had been because of her envy. She hadn't known that by marrying Jean to Zed, her half-sister would have such a wonderful life. Oh, how Shirley wished she had been as fortunate.

And every time she saw Zed, Shirley's eyes would burn with desire. She adored Zed so much that she couldn't help wanting to break the relationship between Zed and Jean with the hopes that she could be the next Mrs. Qi.

For this reason, Shirley wouldn't dare to be unbridled before Zed even though she couldn't properly control her anger against Jean.

Zed continued rationalizing with Jean. He said, "Henry has been in hospital for a very long time. Without Henry, the Wen family has broken into pieces. Hence, Shirley's visit means that she has something to ask from us. And for that to happen, she knows she must not behave badly."

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