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   Chapter 138 The Mad Woman

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Shirley screamed and shouted so loudly that Jean had to cover her ears. When she began cussing, Jean clenched her fists.

She couldn't believe how despicably her half-sister was behaving. It was hard to find someone who could rival Shirley's wretchedness in this world.

She was so malevolent that she wouldn't even spare grandma!

Jean raised her head and saw that her grandmother was watching her with curiosity. Jean realized that she had been scowling at Shirley's behavior and that her expression might scare her grandmother. And so, she smiled and offered words of reassurance, "Grandma, don't be afraid. It is just a wild dog barking outside."

And then she gently patted her grandmother's arm to comfort her.

A bright smile lit up the grandmother's face when she felt Jean's tender touch.

"Why didn't I know that you have a grandmother?" Zed glanced at Jean as he asked.

"After my mom died, grandma came to see me whenever she had time. She brought food and clothes for me. Every time I was wronged by the Wen family, it was grandma who comforted me."

As Jean recalled these fleeting moments of happiness in her childhood, a serene smile grew on her face.

"My grandma left a greater impression on me than my mom. Grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's five years ago. Because of her condition, she has good and bad days. In recent years, she's been having more bad days than good. She is agitated most of the time and barely remembers me. There are days, like today, when her IQ is like that of a child's." Sadness replaced the serene smile that had been on Jean's face just a moment ago.

As her grandmother's condition progressed, Jean had to face the fact the she would soon die. Just the thought brought tears to Jean's eyes. Her body shuddered uncontrollably.

Jean had once heard that there was some kind of expensive treatment that could slow the development of the disease. However, it was so expensive that she couldn't even afford it.

That was the reason she had agreed to Henry's demand to sleep with Zed for the land.

Henry had promised her that if she could get the land for him, he would do whatever she requested in return. And Jean had wanted to ask him to pay for her grandmother's treatment.

Her original plan had been to get Henry to send her grandma abroad for medical treatment after she divorced Zed. However, circumstances changed too quickly.

Henry's attitude went from bad to worse. After he got the land, he turned back on his promise. If that wasn't bad enough, Jean suffered tremendous humiliation and physical abuse at the hands of Joy and Shirley. This had led her to sever her relationship with the Wen family. Now that there was no legal connection, how could Jean ask Henry to keep up his end of the bargain? And even i

loving grandma. I'm doing this for selfish reasons." Zed's seductive voice tickled Jean's ear.

Jean flushed immediately. She pushed Zed away and tried really hard to kill the tiny smile that was threatening to expose her true feelings.

She couldn't believe that Zed was trying to flirt with her in front of grandma!

He was getting bolder and bolder.

It was so sweet though.

Jean's cheeks felt like they were on fire. She tried cooling them by placing her cold palms on her face. She didn't dare to look to Zed's for fear of exacerbating her reaction.

At the sight of her shyness, a smile cracked Zed's lips. Deep in his dark eyes, a storm brewed. If only they were somewhere else and in a better situation, Zed would show Jean the extent of his desire for her.

'It was Shirley who had made the effort to find grandma and set up this reunion. It made no sense to take grandma back to the sanatorium.' thought Zed.

Regardless of what Shirley had planned, Zed felt that he needed to protect Jean's grandmother.

So it would be better to transfer her to a safe place as soon as possible.

"Hurt… hurt… hurt…"

Suddenly, the grandmother's pain filled voice broke the silence.

Jean looked around frantically.

She saw that grandma had grabbed her hair and that her face was twisted with pain. Her complexion was colorless and her eyes seemed wild.

"Grandma…" Jean rushed over and asked with concern, "Grandma, tell me, what is wrong? Are you uncomfortable? I will get the doctor for you. Don't be afraid."

Jean walked to the door as soon as she finished reassuring her grandmother.

"Jean, your phone is ringing." Zed said with brows furrowed tightly.

"Whoever it is, I don't care. Grandma is not feeling well and I have to get her some help." Jean replied hastily as she opened the door.

"I guess Shirley is calling."

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