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   Chapter 137 Shirley's Scheming

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After a long while, Zed and Jean separated themselves from their embrace.

Zed earnestly stared at Jean. Her cheeks flushed while her eyes sparkled. A special feeling consumed Zed that moment, which made him very contented. Then, he tightly held Jean in his arms. He thought that it was the happiest moment in his life and hoped to spend the rest of his life with Jean like that.

Jean had just recovered from a severe illness. She had already felt very tired to spend too much energy. Zed could see the fatigue that was clearly shown on her face.

Even if Jean would be totally fine, Zed thought that he would not stop showing his love to her

That time, he could not stop thinking about it.

It was a great opportunity for them to make their relationship grow well. Zed felt sympathetic to Jean, but he felt really happy to wrap Jean in his arms. The night was very long and made both of them go far away to the dreamland.

The next day, Jean was awakened by a continuous hasty knocks on the door. She opened her eyes slowly and frowned. Jean deliberately slowed her movements and tried to get up from the bed without making any noise after she noticed that Zed was still asleep. Then, she walked towards the door of the ward and opened it.

"Sister, I am sorry to wake you up." Shirley was wearing a big smile outside the door. Her face did not show any guilt or remorse that time. Then she said, "I have brought someone with me. She wanted to see you. You must have missed her so much. Sister, I know that you will be very happy if you see her."

Jean frowned and felt so much confused. She angrily glared at her half-sister and outraged when she thought about how often Shirley had come to her even if Jean did not care about her at all.

'What a shameless person!' Jean thought to herself. 'Does Shirley still think that I am as naive as before? Does she still think that I would still accept all the insults she would give me? It seems like she wasn't satisfied after she embarrassed me for several times.

She is really shameless!'

"How did you know that I am here?" Jean was really uninterested about the person Shirley talked about.

Jean guessed that Shirley went there because she had come up with new ways to put her into trouble.

"Sister, how I knew your location is not important. And it's also none of your business. What you should know is that your grandma is standing outside. You should not let an old woman stand here for a long time!" Shirley reached her hand and pulled the old lady after she finished her words. It was Jean's grandma. Her grandma had a gray hair and was very weak. When she saw Jean, her grandma felt very delighted.


Jean heard that Shirley mentioned her grandmother. She trembled in fear when she looked up and saw the old lady with gray hairs standing in front of her. It was really her dear grandmother.

The old lady's face was full of wrinkles. She looked so clumsy that her drool dripped o

legance was still the same even if he wore formal clothes or just the clothes designed for patients.

He was ill and he looked awful, but it even added to his charm. The coldness and apathy that used to show on his face was replaced by gentleness. The cheerless beauty showed on his face made Shirley feel drunk.

'Jean Wen was really lucky to marry such a charming man. She, an average woman, does not deserve Zed.'

Her face hardened and darkened. Shirley got very jealous and angry when she thought about it.

Zed frowned after he clearly noticed that Shirley was staring at him like an idiot.

Zed also noticed that Jean was tightly holding the old lady who he didn't recognize. He was so baffled, so he asked, "Jean, who is she?"

"She is my grandma." Jean answered absentmindedly. She could not stand Shirley's presence any more. Jean took several deep breaths to hold back her anger. Then, she looked at Zed and said, "Zed, let's go back inside the ward."

Jean closed the door without hesitation when they were already inside the ward. Consequently, Shirley was blocked by the tightly closed door.

"Jean Wen, how dare you..."

Jean badly treated Shirley. Shirley felt totally infuriated when she thought about that. She could not feign kindness and innocence any more. She flared up, stamped her foot, clenched her teeth and screamed, "Wen family had raised you for more than twenty years and searched for an outstanding husband for you. And this is how you return the favor to us? I have never thought that once you have someone to rely on, you would be that cruel and ungrateful. Our father is lying in hospital now. I came here to beg you to see him, but you just turned your back to me. Isn't he your father by blood? Jean Wen, you are the most nasty, apathetic and ungrateful woman in the entire world."

Shirley kept yelling and screaming outside the ward. People were curious to see what happened there. Her action drew a lot of people's attention.

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