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   Chapter 136 Fire Her

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Jean comforted herself over and over again before she walked towards Zed's ward.

As soon as she walked into the ward, she saw that Zed was staring at her with his smiling eyes, but he didn't say anything though.

That was not Jean's first time to see Zed act that way after he was ill.

She felt that Zed had already changed his attitudes after he had been ill.

His eyes were full of tenderness and affection. Zed looked so gentle and really enchanting.

Jean felt that her cheeks turned hot again when she had thought about that. Her face clearly showed that she felt awkward. After a while, she walked towards Zed's bed and took a glance at him.

Zed liked to make fun of Jean. He noticed that Jean's face flushed every time he gently and attentively gazed at her. Jean acted anxiously when he looked at her. That was sweet and charming.

Jean was so restless and bewildered that she didn't know where to look after she saw Zed's fiery and affectionate eyes.

She just looked everywhere except at Zed's direction. When she saw the bowl and the thermal kettle on the table, she walked towards it and began to put the things away.

After Zed saw that Jean was busy doing that, he stopped her hastily and said, "Don't bother. The nurse will come her later to put those things away."

"That's fine. I will do it quickly."

Jean would rather find something to do than to directly look at Zed's face. His eyes were really alluring her. They made her heart beat rapidly and her flush.

She was afraid that she might not be able to resist Zed's temptation. It would be very shameful if something strange happened between the two of them inside the ward.

In addition, Zed was still ill and had not fully recovered yet.

"I am sure that you have met Selena. Aren't you curious about why Selena was in my office?"

Zed spoke to her apathetically.

After Jean walked out of the ward, Zed seized the chance and called his secretary over the phone to ask what had really happened in his office that day.

Just as he expected, Jean didn't disappoint him.


When she heard that name, Jean stopped what she was doing. Then, an odd expression suddenly appeared on her face.

"It was you who mentioned that woman. It wasn't me!"

Jean turned around, looked at Zed and stood still there waiting for his reply.

Zed didn't care when he noticed that Jean was still trying hard to pretend that she didn't care about what happened at all. Yet, deep in heart, she badly wanted to know the truth.

Zed cleared his throat and teased her, "Okay. I am go

e me for all that happened.

"You didn't understand what I said, did you? I care about you so much. I won't let anyone hurt you even a little. I can withdraw my investment and fire her if she hurts or annoys you again. I don't care if she would go to my office anymore." Zed ruthlessly and apathetically said.

Jean was really moved by what Zed said at that moment. She had never thought that Zed would treat her so kindly.


"It was my mistake. I've already known that Selena always come to me with hidden evil intents. I should have not let her come near me, but I haven't. Jean, I promise, this will not happen again. I will not give any other woman you hate any chance to get close to me." Zed promised to Jean face to face.

"You don't need to make a promise. As long as I know that you love me, that would be enough. Jean hurriedly replied.

She didn't want to be a jealous woman. She knew that it would affect her relationship with Zed.

Furthermore, Zed ran a big business. Thus, it was just normal for him to deal with a lot of people in social gatherings and business meetings.

Other people would most likely shoot her down if she would act too tight to Zed.

Jean stared at Zed affectionately and said, "Zed, you don't need to do that for me. I only wish that we could keep each other in our hearts. You can do whatever you want. I will always be right here to support you."

"Jean..." Zed had never expected Jean to be very considerate. He was so delighted that he tightly wrapped her in his arms and clung his lips to her soft lips.

The atmosphere inside the ward suddenly became strange. That time, Jean and Zed couldn't hear anything except each other's short breaths.

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