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   Chapter 135 I Want You to Feed Me

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Jean hadn't thought that Zed could be also naive and childish.

She bent and convinced Zed in a low and gentle voice, "Zed, could you please let me go first? I will be back soon."

However, Zed still kept his eyes closed and lay on his bed. He still didn't respond to Jean.

Instead, he held her hand more tightly.

Jean felt totally helpless. She didn't have any choice but to go back to her seat. She wanted to take some clothes for Zed, and cook some warm porridge so he could eat after he woke up. However, it seemed that it was not quite possible for her to do those things that time.

Zed was just like a rock when he was unconscious.

Jean couldn't do anything to him.

So, she took her phone out and dialed their home's phone number.

Since Zed didn't let her go, Jean had no choice but to ask Alice to bring them some clothes to change and cook some hot porridge for them.

Fortunately, Zed's parents hadn't come back yet. They would feel very worried about Zed if they found out that he was ill in the hospital.

Zelda had worked in Zed's family as a housemaid since Zed was young. After she knew that Zed was in hospital, she cooked hot porridge immediately. She packed both Jean and Zed's clothes up and rushed to the hospital.

Zelda felt very upset when she saw that Zed was still not awake on this bed. She was sadly crying.

"He will be fine, Zelda." Jean comforted her when she noticed that Zelda looked very sad. "The doctor said that Zed is already fine. He just need to have a good rest here and can leave soon. Don't worry. Sorry for the trouble."

"Mrs. Jean..." Zelda took Jean's hands. She sobbed and said, "I feel happy for Mr. Zed. He has married such a kindhearted woman."

"Zelda..." Jean flushed after she heard Zelda's words. That was the first time that Zelda personally recognized and flattered her.

"Well, Mrs. Jean, I will leave now so I won't bother the two of you. Take good care of Mr. Zed. Please, call me if Mr. Zed wants to eat something after he wakes up. I will send them here right away, " Zelda wiped her tears and cheerfully said.

"Hmmmm. Take care!" Jean nodded and saw Zelda walking out.

The ward was very big. Yet, Zed and Jean were the only people there.

Jean had been tired and anxious about what happened in the whole day. Zed was still uncon

or not? Don't mind it. Just forget my request if you don't want to!" Zed got a little furious after he saw that Jean was just staring at him. Then, he stretched his hands out to reach the bowl.

"Okay, fine. I will feed you." Jean hurriedly took a spoon full of porridge and carefully put it on his mouth after she saw that Zed looked grumpy.

Zed opened his mouth with great joy that time. He blatantly gazed at Jean's flushing face while he was enjoying the soup fed by her.

The one who was fed was not shy at all. However, the one who fed him flushed.

That's funny. That was really very funny.

Zed was quite complacent. He took the porridge in a very good mood.

Jean felt that her heart was beating rapidly when she saw Zed looked at her with his burning eyes.

The ambiance in that room turned ambiguous and subtle that time.

Her heart seemed to have shimmering waves. She didn't have the courage to look at Zed's face.

Jean felt relieved after she anxiously fed Zed with that bowl of porridge. However, Zed suddenly said, "I want to have another bowl of porridge."

Jean was quickly baffled and dazzled. She stared at Zed and stammered, "Could you just have it by yourself? I want to go to the restroom."

After she finished her words, Jean rushed outside as if she was trying to escape.

Jean really wished to find a hole and hide. She found out that her whole face turned red after she looked herself in front of the mirror.

However, Zed was sick. Since he was a patient, she just didn't want to think too much.

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