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   Chapter 134 How Can They Be So Impudent

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Jean slowly opened the office door.

She lifted her eyes and peaked inside the room. What was happening inside Zed's office outraged her.

She was very shocked when she saw Selena and Zed together inside the office.

And worse, Selena was standing behind Zed. It made Jean think that Zed and Selena had an intimate relationship.

Zed was sitting against his leather chair and rested his eyes while Selena was standing behind him. Selena was gently staring at Zed as she massaged his shoulders.


Jean froze on her place. Her eyes were full of anger.

'How can they be so impudent?' Jean thought.

Trembling in anger, Jean quickly went inside Zed's office. She bit her lip and glared at them. What she just saw made Jean's blood boil.

Selena looked at Jean in distress. Then she shouted at Walter with a cold voice.

"Walter, I have told you that nobody should disturb Mr. Qi, right? Don't you remember?"


Walter Wang, who entered the office after Jean, was shocked at what he saw. He didn't know what to do that time. He never expected that Jean and Selena would suddenly meet at Zed's office.

After she heard what Selena said, Jean slowly walked towards her. She wore a smile on her face and asked, "Selena, the gorgeous super star, why are you here at Zed's office?"

"Why am I here? Don't you see what I am doing with Zed?" Selena questioningly replied. Then, she disdainfully glanced at Jean.

Walter wiped the cold sweat on his face. He looked very nervous. He stilld didn't know how to deal with the situation.

Zed had been so exhausted after working overtime for several days. He didn't get a good rest for several days.

Walter even sensed that there was something wrong with his boss. He tried to invite a doctor to examine Zed in his office, but Zed refused.

After a few seconds, Selena came. Zed and Selena met each other frequently after Zed came back from Sanya. So, Walter thought that Selena came here for business.

"Is Mr. Qi already in love with Selena?

Oh! no, no, no.' Walter couldn't believe what he saw.

He quickly vanished his thoughts and muttered, "Mr. Qi is a loyal man."

Jean tried her best to calm herself down.

Then she walked towards Zed's big desk. Her anger was taken away after she saw the pink patches on Zed's cheeks. She finally re

ritical situation. Please take good care of him and don't let him catch a cold. He will be alright after a few days of rest."

Jean felt so happy and relieved after she heard that Zed was already fine. Then she blissfully thanked the doctor. "Thank you... Thank you very much."

Jean followed the nurse to the VIP ward. When she saw Zed lying quietly on the bed with a pale face, she walked towards him and took his hand.

"Zed, did you know? I have been really scared." Jean gently stared at Zed. Then she continued with a smile on her face, "This is all my fault. I was too careless. I knew that you're working hard every day and got tired, yet I didn't take good care of you. I am the one who should be blamed for your illness. I am not a good wife to you. But Zed, I promise that I will be better now. I will try my best to learn how to take good care of you."

Jean remembered that every time she got injured, Zed would look after her gently and carefully. When she thought about it, Jean seemed to be more determined to pay more attention to Zed's health.

'Zed comes from a very prominent and rich family. He had carefully taken care of me. Now, it's my time to learn how to look after him.' Jean thought to herself.

Jean put Zed's hand down. When she was about to stand up, Zed abruptly took her hand back. He tightly held it; Jean could not move.

Jean looked back in astonishment. She saw that Zed was still closing his eyes, yet his right hand was tightly holding hers. A smile appeared on Jean's face after she saw what happened.

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