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   Chapter 133 Jean's Identity Was Disclosed

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"Yes! You're right. She is the wife of Mr. Qi, the CEO of the Qi Group."

"You are good friends, right? Haven't you congratulated Jean yet?"

After Jean heard Maranda's query, Jean stopped talking with them and quickly looked at Maranda.

Maranda's face was filled with shock. Her bright eyes were wide-opened in daze.

"Maranda, I'm so sorry. I didn't intend to keep it from you?"

Jean bitterly smiled. 'I didn't even know how to describe my marriage to her before.' Jean contemplated deep in her heart.

If she hadn't been part of the Couples Show in the Fashion Weekly, she would not open her heart to Zed or tell him her true feelings for him. She found out that they have loved each other and have already treated each other as the most important person in their lives only after she did that.

Thinking about that, Jean took a deep breath and delightfully smiled.

Well, Jean had carefully thought about the situation she had to deal with after she agreed to be part of the show.

Since she and Zed were sure that they really loved each other, their marriage became true. There was already no reason to keep it as a secret to anyone.

"Maranda, won't you congratulate me?"

Jean looked at Maranda and smiled. Jean was really happy. And she wanted to receive Maranda's good wishes.

"I…" Maranda finally believed that Jean was Zed's wife. After she saw that Jean was cheerfully smiling, Maranda sincerely said, "Congratulations, Jean! I am happy for you. You finally found your own happiness."

"Thank you so much, Maranda!" At that moment, Maranda's good wishes seemed to be the best ones Jean had ever heard in the entire world. A shy smile gradually showed up on Jean's face again.

Their colleagues started to gathering around Jean. They also gave their good wishes to her. Jean found herself in the middle of their colleagues. She had no time to talk with Maranda that time. The only thing she could do was to helplessly smile to Maranda. Then, Maranda responded with a considerate smile.

"John, Jean is Zed Qi's wife! Have you known that before?" A colleague curiously asked when she noticed that John was about to step out of his office.

John, who was walking with his head down, s

, haven't you? Mr. Qi and Mrs. Qi had been in a show together. If they don't really love each other, our CEO won't allow himself to be part of that show."

"It seems that you don't know much about that. Just recently, our company had been in a financial crisis. To save our company's reputation, Mr. Qi had to publicly display his affection with Mrs. Qi by being part of that variety show. It has nothing to do with true love."

Hearing that, Jean felt that there was no reason for her to continue listening to them.

She forced a smile and slowly walked out with a heavy heart.

In the eyes of a lot of people, she was a mismatch for Zed.

She already knew that and constantly reminded herself the gap between them and that she shouldn't take their marriage seriously.

Jean still felt upset when she heard the gossips even though she and Zed had already opened their hearts and exchanged their feelings with each other.

'Why is there nobody optimistic about our relationship?

Does nobody sincerely hope us to have a happy life?' Jean asked herself.

Jean also clearly knew about Selena's intentions.

She clenched her fists and immediately strode to Zed's office.

Zed was her husband. Before finding out the truth, she must be faithful to him no matter what happened.

"Mrs. Qi, when did you arrive here?" The secretary nervously turned his eyes away from the computer. He was shocked when he saw that Jean abruptly opened the door of the CEO's office.

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