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   Chapter 132 You Came Finally

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Jean could not move her body when she heard what he said. She stayed motionless for at least one minute .She was so happy and surprised about what she heard.

She slightly pushed him away a minute later. Then, she confusingly asked him, "What did you just say?"

"I said I didn't want you to leave me." Then, he tightly hugged her again.

Jean bit her lip while her tears slowly lingered in her eyes. She wasn't self-absorbed; she had not taken it wrong. She really had a special place in his heart.

She wept her tears of joy and hugged him tightly in return. For the first time, she felt that the night could be so beautiful.

"There is one more thing I really wanted to tell you."

"What is it?"

"Do you still remember that incident in Kim Village? After you left, Ethan came to me. I always wanted to explain this, but I didn't know how to open it up to you."

She knew that Zed knew about that incident. She was afraid that he might misunderstand it. Moreover, she didn't also know how to bring the matter up.

Finally, she got the chance to tell him about it.

Zed was shocked when Jean said her words. After a while, he let her go. He furrowed his eyebrows and stared at her with his serious eyes. Then he said, "Was it all true?"

"What did you think it was? Did you you think I made it all up for you?"

His suddenly got relieved. His dark and deep eyes turned extremely bright. Then his lips curved up and formed a nice arc.

She felt like a shadow cast over her. Then, a pair of soft lips touched her mouth. She paused for a second. After a while, she moved her mouth and responded to what he did.

The night was so beautiful. Two silhouettes were hugging each other under the moon light. They were part of the perfect view of the beach.

They had a fruitful and amazing night. It was so fruitful that someone could not even get up in the morning.

The day finally came. They had to go back to H City. Jean had rarely seen Zed in the following three days. Their initial plan of a one week trip turned to be half a month trip. The Qi Group must have piled tons of work for him to do.

He went back home every day and she waited for him there. She always fell asleep while waiting for him. She could absurdly feel that a person would lie down beside her

webpage of the variety show and inputted the key words.

She was slightly afraid. She feared that she might get attention from others.

After she opened the page, she found out that she and Zed were on the headline. Zed and Jean's photo together that was taken when they went to Sanya hugely appeared on the page.

That was great! Everyone knew about it! She never wanted to let others know that they had shot for that program. However, the more she wanted to avoid it, the more it could possibly happen.

The whole office suddenly turned quiet. All eyes were looking at her.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

"Jean, we are your colleagues. How could you keep such kind of things from us?"

"Right. You and your husband love each other so much. You knew you would appear on TV anyway, why did you still keep it from us? We would have not known about it if we had not seen you on the news."

"You owe us wedding gifts!"

Eventually, everyone chatted with her. Some were buttering her up. Some were trying to establish their friendship well while some were reminding her about their friendship.

Jean felt like her head was going to explode that time. The noise kept tingling in her ears; and it never stopped.

Maranda was very confused when their colleagues asked about the show time of the program. She tried to understand what was happening that moment.

"Jean, they…" Maranda pointed at their colleagues, then she pointed at Jean, "Jean is already married?"

"Yeah. Don't you know that?"

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