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   Chapter 131 I’m Sorry. I Still Care About You

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Jean saw how apprehensive they looked that time. She even felt extremely happy when she saw their anxious faces.

Zed surely had recognized what Jean implied in her words. He raised his head and took a cold glance at them. "If you don't want any trouble, leave now. Don't you ever come back and bother her again."

They quickly felt relieved and joyful after they heard what Zed said. Madeline nodded her head and smiled, "Mr. Qi, we just stopped by to visit Jean. Since you already know the truth, we won't bother you any more. We are leaving now. Goodbye!"

Madeline exclaimed. Then, she quickly left with the other women.

The ward became quiet again. It was noisy inside a while ago. But that time, the air seemed to have stopped in just a few seconds. The nurse stood by the door. She wanted to go in and explain what happened to Zed after she saw that those women were leaving. However, Zed abruptly turned her down.

He walked in with a grumpy face. Then, he stared at Jean with his cold look and said, "How many times have I told you to have a quiet rest?"

Jean lay back on the bed, tucked herself in and pouted. Then she said as if she suffered injustice, "It has nothing to do with me. I was just sleeping until a noise outside woke me up. I found out that they were loudly arguing with the nurse. I would not get decent rest if I didn't let them in. And if they had attracted people's attention, it would have been a big mess, right?"

She thought for a while and continued to explain, "You told me to have a quiet rest. Since I need to have a quiet rest, I need to solve the problem that caused the noise first. Am I right?"

"That's a lie!" He took a cold glance at her and turned around. He took the sweet soup that he had just bought and gave it to her. "Have some sweet soup. It will lighten up your mood."

He saw that Jean was gloomy recently, but he couldn't think of any healthy ways to cheer her up. So he consulted the doctor and asked if she could have sweet food. After gaining the doctor's approval, he bought her the sweet soup from afar.

"Is this for me?" Jean was shocked. Since when did Zed become so considerate? Though he seemed to be cold outside, he sometimes treated her extremely nice and tender.


Jean took the sweet soup from him. Then she slightly pressed her lips tog

cared for and was concerned about her. Yet, she didn't exert effort to win his heart.

However, his following words put all the burning flames out of her heart.

"You don't have to explain it to me. We are just acting to be a couple. Once our play is done, we will be strangers again." He said in an apathetic tone. He was expressionless. It seemed like all the intimate interactions between the two of them earlier suddenly faded into the air.

Jean's eyes darkened. She slowly looked down with a hint of bitterness shown in her eyes. There's a tingling pain in her heart. It's her first time to confess her true feelings yet, she ended up getting deeply hurt.

It turned out that she had just thought too much. It was just her bizarre and high hopes.

She smiled and tried to hold back the tears in her eyes, "Sorry. I took it wrong." She turned around and prepared to walk away quickly.

But suddenly, a pair of large hands pulled her back.

His perfectly shaped eyebrows furrowed. He walked in front of her and stopped her.

He still couldn't let her go after all. Even though he knew that she had an ambiguous relationship with Ethan, he still wanted to be with her.

Jean slowly looked up with her misty eyes. Then, her tears eventually fell down.

"What do you want?" She wiped the tears in her eyes off and sniffed.

Zed suddenly felt that his heart was stabbed with a knife when he saw that. It was extremely painful.

He tightly wrapped her in his arms, closed his eyes and whispered, "I'm sorry. I still care about you."

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