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   Chapter 130 You Pushed Me, Didn’t You

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The women who rushed to get into the ward stopped when they saw that the door opened. They were so shocked.

Madeline put a smile on her face and complained, "Jean, we came here to visit you, but the nurse won't let us in."

The nurse looked at Jean and embarrassingly said, "Mrs. Qi, Mr. Qi instructed me to make sure that you have a quiet rest. He said that no one should bother you."

"I'll talk to him when he comes back. They are my friends. Let them in, " Jean replied. Then, she turned around and walked inside the ward with a blank facial expression. The women outside the ward felt delighted when they heard that Jean claimed them to be her friends.

"Have a seat." She apathetically said as she pointed to the couch.

Madeline put the fruit basket and the flowers on the table. She wore a smile and asked, "Jean, how are you? Are you feeling better now?"

"Yeah. We were so worried about you these past few days. We planned to visit you when you get better. But we didn't expect that we would be blocked by the nurse outside the ward." Maggie couldn't help but complain.

The other two women looked at each other eye to eye as they smiled, and nodded, "Right. We have been so concerned about your condition recently."

Jean looked at them quietly. She didn't say anything when she saw their fake concerns and gestures. After a while, those women kept talking and asking a lot of absurd questions to her. "We were so worried about you. Do you feel better now? Where's Mr. Qi? Sorry if we just visited you now. We really wanted to visit you earlier."

Jean suddenly realized that it was not so bad to stay in the hospital after all. For sure, it was boring. But at least, she enjoyed the peace and tranquility there.

"Jean, are you alright? Why aren't you talking?" Zabrina asked when she saw that Jean just kept silent.

Jean raised her eyebrows. Then, she looked up and asked, "I had a vague memory that you pushed me when I was swept away by the waves."

The room instantly got quiet after she dropped her words. They were happily talking a while ago. But the air inside the ward seemed to stop that moment. No one suddenly dared to talk.

Madeline's smile froze on her face. A hint of surprise was shown in her eyes. Then, she confusingly asked, "What do you mean, Jean?"

"I didn't mean anything. I'm just wondering. I felt that someone pushed and pressed me down when I was struggling to get out of the water." Jean pretended that she didn't know about anything. She pretended that she was wondering about what r

to you." Jean made herself clear and smiled.

"But it would be better if you would say something nice about us to him, right?" Maggie asked. She didn't want to give up the only chance they had.

Jean tightened her lips. She surely knew that they wouldn't give up easily. She started to have a headache. She suddenly regretted why she had let them in.

The door opened when she had just gotten into trouble.

Zed stepped in while carrying something in his hand. He was shocked and paused for a few seconds after he saw that there were other people standing inside the ward. He frowned as soon as he recognized who they were.

Jean paused for a second. She realized that Zed might get angry at her later as she didn't have a quiet rest.

"What are you doing here?" He frowned as he put the sweet soup that he brought on the table. Then, he seriously looked at Jean.

Jean's body was trembling. After a while, she yawned and patted her mouth. Then, she walked towards the bed and sat down.

"They came here to visit me. And by the way..." Jean lifted the corner of her lips and said, "They came here to clarify that they had not done anything wrong to me when I fell into the water. I think it had nothing to do with them, too. Honey, don't worry about it any more."

Those women's faces turned awkward after Jean dropped her words. They just stood there rigid and embarrassed.

Jean's first words seemed to sabotage them. But her request to Zed seemed to help them.

They didn't know what were they supposed to feel. They didn't know if they should get angry or not. So they just stood still there and didn't say anything.

They looked so guilty. They were really afraid of Zed.

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