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   Chapter 128 Don’t You Ever Leave Without Asking My Permission (Part Two)

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Madeline stood there with her trembling legs. She was so frightened that her face turned as pale as a paper.

She looked like a dying patient that time. It seemed like there was no blood flushed on her face.

Maggie and Zabrina beside her were crying; they were very scared. Wendy was always the only one who remained calm among them. But at the moment, she was shocked and froze in one place as if she turned into a rock. She just stood there without any reactions.

Some of the crew remained on the shore while the others jumped into the sea to rescue. The crew members that were on the shore held their breath and looked at the direction where Zed swam.

One second, ten seconds, twenty seconds and a few seconds more had passed... But no one got out of the sea.

Finally, someone got out of the water a few moments later.

It was Zed! The director instructed all the crew members that was on the shore to help Zed immediately. He saw that Zed was struggling to swim while carrying Jean towards the shore.

The director felt more anxious when she saw Jean. Then, he helped and lifted Jean towards shore. But he found out that her eyes were closed. Aside from that, her face was also extremely pale.

At the sight of that, the crew took a deep breath. It seemed that someone's life would be lost that day.

Madeline was so scared to see that Jean was dying. She couldn't believe what happened to Jean. She leaned against her husband and started to cry.

"Jean, Jean!" Zed hurriedly and loudly called her name. His heart started to panic when he saw Jean didn't respond.

The director was standing beside Zed. He wiped the sweat on his face and said, "The ambulance is coming over. They would arrive soon."

She's not going to make it!

Zed immediately performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and chest compression to her. He did it for about one minute, yet nothing still happened.

Jean was lying there helplessly. It looked like she would not breathe anymore.

Zed felt that his heart was torn apart that time. His heart was filled with regrets. Then, he said to himself, 'Why did I force her to be part of this program?

If Jean would be gone, then what do I need the company for? It will be all meaningless.'

"Wake up! Wake up!" He tried to shake her. He was acting like he was insane.

Other people stood aside with a hint of grief on their faces. Jean's assistant even cried when she saw Jean that was almost dead. Everyone kept silent when they saw the si

day, Jean hadn't woken up yet. She was lying there like a sleeping beauty.

The director went there several times. He was worried about Zed. He thought that Zed might be already tired, so he suggested to hire a nurse. But unfortunately, Zed refused his suggestion. The ward she stayed in was for VIP only. A staff was also provided there to take care of their food. Zed stayed up the whole night to look after Jean. The doctor checked her again the next morning. Then, he left after he said that Jean was fine.

Zed lay down on the couch and fell asleep quickly.

It was almost noon when Jean finally woke up. The bright radiance of the sun shone through the window. The sun shone straight to her eyes when she opened them.

'Where am I?'

Jean contemplated for a while. She was about to sit up, but she suddenly felt that her body was so painful; she was really weak.

Feeling dazzled, she gave up. When she raised her head, Jean saw the man sleeping on the couch. She suddenly recalled what Zed told her that moment when she got sober on the shore.

"Don't you ever leave without asking my permission!"

His words were so compelling but sweet. She couldn't help but smile. She only remembered that she was swept away by the waves. After a few seconds, she lost her consciousness. She felt that someone did cardiopulmonary resuscitation and chest compression to her. Then finally, she woke up.

She instantly saw Zed's face when she woke up on the shore. He was so frightened. It looked like he was really scared to lose her.

He totally captured her heart that time.

She hoped that Zed would wrap her in his arms, and wouldn't let her go.

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