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   Chapter 127 Don’t You Ever Leave Without Asking My Permission (Part One)

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"You would have what?" When Jean didn't finish her sentence, Zed prompted her gently. He was curious to hear how Jean felt about this situation.

Jean shook her head. It was difficult to even imagine being in the actresses' position, let alone putting into words how she would feel had something horrible happened. She didn't know what to say to Zed, and so Jean simply said, "Never mind."

If something irrevocable had happened, she would feel guilty for the rest of her life. The celebrity women that had schemed to get Jean into trouble were certainly hypocrites. But that didn't mean they deserved to be put in such a situation. The more Jean thought about all the things that could have gone wrong, the more guilty she felt. She really hadn't thought her plan through! She was glad, however, that nothing untoward had happened to the four women.

After dinner, Zed fulfilled his promise of taking Jean to the beach. They spent quite a long time on the beach, walking, talking, admiring the setting sun, and doing all the other things any normal couple would do. When they felt tired, Jean and Zed returned to their room.

The next day, they woke bright and early and began preparations for the shoot that had been scheduled for just after lunch. The assistant had selected the appropriate outfits for the program and sent them to the celebrities in the morning.

Jean unpacked her parcel eagerly. So far, she had enjoyed the clothes and dresses that the assistant had picked for her. This time, however, she was surprised to see that she was required to wear a bikini!

A red tinge spread from Jean's neck to her cheeks. She had never worn a bikini before! Just looking at the tiny bits of fabric, Jean could imagine how much of her body was going to be on display.

She stared at it for perhaps half an hour before she was interrupted by Zed. He had been working all this while. When he got tired of staring at the computer, he slipped into his comfortable slippers, powered down his computer, and left the make-shift study.

As he entered the bedroom, Zed noticed how Jean was staring at the box the assistant had sent. When he looked at what Jean was holding, he was surprised as well.

"You will be in a bikini today?" Zed teased.

"Ha ha, " she mocked. "Don't be so happy. This is what you're wearing." Jean lifted the tiny pair of shorts the assistant had selected for Zed. Her mouth curved into a disapproving frown, "Would you feel comfortable wearing something like this?"

Zed paused for a second and raised his eyebrows, "It wouldn't look bad on someone who was in good shape."

As he spoke, Zed walked to the fridge and opened it. He leaned forward and fetched a bottle of water from it.

Jean ground her teeth and threw the shorts on the couch and said with indignation, "Are you trying to imply that I'm embarrassed about the bikini because I'm not in good shape?"

"Did I say that?" Zed frowned and asked. Then he pivoted and slowly studied Jean from head to toe. He raised an eyebrow and smiled in approval. Then he slowly took a sip of his water before saying, "I like what I see. Are you worried it won't look good on you? How would you know unless you put it on?" Jean didn't know if she could trust Zed's opinion on this matter. He had feelings for her, yes. He had slept with her several times, yes. But just because Zed was attracted to her didn't mean that her body was comparable to that of the other four celebrity women. They were actresses and models who spent hours every day taking care of their bodies!

o shore quickly."

"It has been a long time. Where is she?" Maggie said anxiously. She didn't want to ruin her career by being responsible for getting a person killed. She decided it wasn't worth the risk. And so she turned and ran toward the shore while screaming, "Somebody help! Somebody got swept away by the waves!"

As soon as the onlookers and crew members heard Maggie, they panicked.

Even the few crew members stationed on the waterfront became anxious. It was their job to ensure that no one got into trouble. And yet, one of the women had gone missing. They realized that they would get into a lot of trouble. Everyone turned as white as paper.

Hearing that somebody had been swept by the waves, Zed went blank for a flicker of a second before he turned and ran toward the water. His eyes frantically searched every person standing nearby, but he didn't spot Jean.

Frightened, he grabbed Maggie's shoulder and asked, "Who was swept away?"

Maggie saw his blood-shot eyes and the worry on his face. Overwhelmed with guilt, she burst out crying. She pointed toward the water and said, "Jean. She was swept away by the waves."

Zed's brain went blank at her words. He felt as though he had been struck on the head by a huge brick. He shook his head to clear the panic he was feeling and rushed into the sea.

"Help! Somebody help! Call 911!" The director yelled at the top of his lungs.

The celebrity husbands had caught up with Zed by then. They quickly grabbed their wives and led them further away from the water. Simultaneously, the staff jumped into the sea to help search for Jean.

Zed ran as far as he could before diving into the sea. A group of people stood on shore and watched anxiously. Time seemed to have come to a standstill. They counted the ticking seconds but Zed did not come out of water.

The director was perturbed. What if something happened both Zed and Jean? His career would be ruined!

While accidents on a shoot site were common, it was most disastrous if somebody actually got killed. Besides, Zed was a very important business figure! The Qi Group was extremely influential. Most of the investment in his show had come from the Qi Group! How could he be so unlucky as to have something unfortunate happen to the only heir of the Qi Group?

"What the hell you are waiting for? Go get more people to help!"

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