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   Chapter 126 It Is Up To You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9851

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Zed's body turned stiff at Jean's outburst.

'Fall in love with me?' he thought. Thinking he had misheard Jean, he probed her gently, "You just said that you fall in love with me?"

"Yes, of course. Very much so." Jean slurred.

"Who do you love?" A part of Zed still couldn't believe Jean. Perhaps she was so intoxicated that she didn't know whom she was talking about. He wanted to hear her to say his name.

With arms still wrapped around Zed's neck, Jean pulled her head back far enough to glare at him. Then, without warning, she pressed her hot lips against his cool lips. She murmured, "I love you so very much, Zed!"

When she finished, Jean's head fell forward as she couldn't handle the drowsiness she was feeling. Zed felt so warm and comforting that Jean just rested her head on his chest.

Zed found that he couldn't move. What Jean had said and done had turned his world upside down. After all this time, she had finally been honest about her feelings. Zed's heart soared and a genuine smile danced on his lips. He would never forget this moment!

Having watched Jean play her tricks on the women for most of the evening and hearing about how they were scheming to get Jean into trouble had soured Zed's mood. But now, he felt refreshed and excited.

He glanced at her with tenderness and love. His eyes expressed all the love he felt for her. He couldn't help smiling when he laid Jean down in their bed. His gruff voice tickled her ear as he whispered, "Now that you have said that you love me, there's no turning back. I won't let you go!"

Although Jean could barely keep her eyes open, her brows smoothened and a tender smile lifted the corners of her mouth when she heard what Zed had said. She turned around and fell asleep.

It was already late afternoon when Jean woke. She felt dizzy and her mouth was dry. Her stomach turned at the thought of water. Unsure of what the time was, Jean scrambled to find her phone.

Jean's head hurt when she tried sitting up. What little light danced through the gaps in the curtains blinded her. She closed her eyes and placed her fingers on her temples and massaged gently.

She tried to piece together what happened the previous night, but Jean could only remember that she got the women drunk. She forgot what she had done after she had gotten drunk.

Jean stopped massaging her head as she prepared to stand. When she got out of bed, Jean saw a bowl of soup on the beside table. The soup was still steaming.

'What's this?' Jean slowly lifted the bowl and inhaled deeply. She scrunched her nose and pushed the bowl away. 'This is so not appetizing, ' she thought. 'What is this?'

"The soup will help you sober up and it will take care of your hangover." Zed said. Zed had been standing at the door, watching her.

Jean had thought that she was alone. When she heard Zed, she was so startled that she almost spilled her soup. She was a little miffed. She pouted

lighted and surprised.

She was overjoyed because Zed had agreed with her. Perhaps he was still pretending to be a happy couple because of the reality show?

Just as they were having dinner, Jean heard the waitresses gossiping.

"The duty waiter said that the celebrities slept in the dinning room at the restaurant the whole night!"

"I heard that one of them slept in her own vomit!" "That's disgusting! I can't believe that celebrities would behave like this. Imagine that! They work so hard to make their career and build an image and then they behave so poorly. To think that I was going to ask for their autograph! Gross."

"Me too! I was a crazy fan of one of them. I didn't imagine that their personal lives were in turmoil. How could they drink so much and pass out in a dining room with several men?"

"It doesn't make a difference. Her husband was there too! Stop talking nonsense!"

Jean nearly threw up after hearing their gossip. 'Sleeping in their vomit for the whole night? Did that really happen?

That was more humiliation than I had planned for them.' Jean thought. She merely wanted the celebrities to get drunk, just as they had planned to do to her. And that is why she pushed them to drink, however, she didn't intend for them to damage their own images.

"Why didn't you ask a waiter to escort them back to their rooms?" Jean asked Zed.

"Wasn't it their husbands' duty to do so?" Zed asked in reply. He raised his eyebrows and said calmly, "If I asked waiters to take them back, I would be responsible for anything that happened to these women. What if they got assaulted? I wasn't going to be responsible for something like that."

Jean paused and thought about what Zed had said, "Wow, that is a good reason. Thank you for doing that! If someone had malicious intent, the actresses were in a position to be taken advantage of. That would have led to severe consequences. Luckily they were safe, otherwise I would..."

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