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   Chapter 125 Hot Cheeks

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Jean smiled as she knew that the other women would dish out mindless, meaningless praise. And so she said, "I found a good husband. Didn't you find good husbands as well? Speaking of husbands, how about we play a game?" a hint of slyness flashed in her eyes.

"What game?"

"A game to see whose husband can drink the most. If they can't drink any more, then we will drink instead. How about that?" As soon as Jean finished explaining, the other women were stunned. They didn't expect that Jean would put forward such an idea.

Madeline frowned and forced a smile, "This isn't a very good game. All of our husbands have drunk a lot already. Look at Maggie's husband. He's asleep now."

"Let's find out." Jean said with a sly smile as she turned to Zed. "Honey, would you mind playing the game?" She asked Zed before leaning forward and whispering, "You are not drunk yet. Can you manage one more little drink, please?" She implored hoping that Zed would agree.

He raised his eyebrows and said loudly, "I'm game! But the other men might not be able to manage." There was a hint of mockery in his tone.

Madeline couldn't stand the challenge in his words and so, she said to her husband, "Since you've already emptied your stomach, you must be feeling better. Can you play?"

Mark Li, Madeline's husband, gulped at the idea of more alcohol. But he couldn't refuse Madeline, not after she flashed him a hostile expression. And so, he nodded and forced a smile. "Since Mr. Qi wants to play, how could we refuse?"

Hearing him, the other men groaned. They had drunk enough and didn't feel up to the challenge either. However, they couldn't refuse now and leave it to their wives to enter the drinking competition.

Jean didn't worry about whether or not she was going to win this game because she knew that Zed had great tolerance for alcohol. She smiled when she saw that Zed was able to drink more than the other men. She won the game twice in a row. Zed sipped at his drink slowly while the other three men had rushed to empty their glasses. Perhaps they thought they'd be able to relax after they had emptied their glasses.

Maggie shook her head and said in defeat, "I can't drink more. I can't drink any more." She cursed her husband for having drunk enough to pass out. If it hadn't been for his low tolerance level, she would not be drinking in his place. She covered her mouth and rushed out even before she could finish her protest.

Madeline frowned and glanced at Maggie's retreating form. She waved her hand and said in a cold voice, "Shame!"

A few more rounds later, all the men except Zed had passed out. Jean wore a triumphant smile as she stared at the three women.

Wendy's and Madeline's faces turned as dark as coal. Their intention was to get Jean drunk. However, the game started after their husbands had drunk a lot. Had their men not been so drunk already, the challenge might have been a fair on

wn. Put me down ..." Jean was in an uncomfortable position. Instead of carrying her in his arms, Zed has tossed her over his shoulder. She rubbed her face when she began to feel dizzy. Then Jean mumbled, "Why do I feel so sick? I don't feel good ... "

After stepping into the elevator, Zed retorted, "What made you think you wouldn't feel sick after drinking so much? Do you think you are just like them? Those women drink practically every day. They have more practice. And you? You barely drink!"

Jean felt as though she needed to explain herself. However, her brain felt so heavy that she couldn't think. She closed her eyes gradually ...

Zed put Jean down on the bed gently before undressing her. He used a wet washcloth to cool her hot, red cheeks. As he settled Jean into the bed, he wondered why he hadn't interrupted the game earlier. Why did he let her get so carried away?

"Why were you so determined to get them drunk today?" Zed asked calmly.

Jean's eyes flew open at the question. Being reminded of her purpose had sobered her up. She pointed at Zed and said, "They wanted to bully me. They talked poorly about me when they thought I wasn't around. They planned on getting me drunk to embarrass me today. I simply reversed their plan. Am I horrible for wanting to get revenge? They started it. It's all their fault."

"Spoke poorly about you?" Zed questioned. His eyes turned cold. He asked, "What did they say?"

"Of course, they did. What did you think would happen? This happens all the time!" She sat up in bed and glowered at Zed as if he were to blame.

All of a sudden, she wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her cheek against his. Jean placed a soft kiss on his cheek before continuing, "It's all because of you. Do you know that? It's your fault! I didn't want to fall in love with you. But I did. And I cannot help but feel jealous when other women confess to being in love with you. It breaks my heart!"

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