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   Chapter 124 Work Together To Give Jean A Hard Time

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Everyone enjoys being complimented. And Madeline was no different. As a highly-acclaimed actress, her inflated ego and pride demanded that she be looked at and treated different from the more common people. Madeline had been upset when Maggie thought that she was in the same league as the actress. However, when Maggie spoke highly of Madeline, she was rather satisfied.

So Madeline changed her bitterly sarcastic tone to a more calm one. She feigned a smile and said, "I am not worthy of such compliments. We are no longer young girls but married women. That man just has a handsome face. Maggie, since your husband looks charming and cares about you so much, you really have enviable luck. We all feel happy for you."

As the women kept flattering each other, Jean stood in her hidden spot. She felt quite disgusted by their fulsome flattery. She had not expected all of these women to be so gorgeous on the surface and yet, be so hideous on the inside.

Wendy Zhang decided that she could not continue the charade any more. And so, she cleared her throat and changed the topic, "I wonder if a man like Mr. Qi could be easily trapped by someone."

On hearing what Wendy had said, both Maggie and Madeline stopped talking. Their attention immediately shifted to Wendy.

Jean did not know Wendy well, but she had a strong feeling that she had seen her before. Jean guessed that might be because Wendy had starred in many TV dramas. However, Jean couldn't recall her being in any of the dramas she had seen. So Jean felt really strange.

Zabrina Jiang seemed to know whom Wendy was referring to. She nodded to show her approval before saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I also think that only she would be able to make Mr. Qi collapse at her feet. Who else could trap such a handsome and wealthy man besides her? More importantly, she also has feelings for Mr. Qi. Am I right?"

Jean could not understand what they were talking about. She also could not guess who this lady was.

Could this person be from the entertainment industry?

Jean was more familiar with Zabrina's reputation. She was just a figurante. Most of the time, she played in a supporting role to leading ladies. But the characters she portrayed were always very malicious. Jean remembered a few dramas where Zabrina's character had been accused of stealing her friends' boyfriends. Since she did not have memorable roles to play, she was no so popular. But entertainment news covered articles about Zabrina from time to time, so it was hard to say whether she was a famous actress or not.

Madeline paused for a while as she seemed to have thought of something. Just as Jean was pondering over the identity of the woman these celebrities had been talking about, she heard a familiar name. "You are talking about Selena Miao!"

"Yes. Who, beside her, is qualified?" Wendy said.

Maggie was shocked. She widened her eyes and asked, "That international start? Selena Miao? She received offers to act in Hollywood films, right?"

"Yep. As far as I am concerned, only a woman with her skills and reputation deserves Zed." Zabrina leaned on the rail, pushed back wisps of hair that had fallen on her cheek, and flashed a meaningful smile.

Selena Miao! Now that she knew the identity of this mysterious woman, Jean froze. Selena Miao, again!

Madeline seemed to realize something and nudged Wendy as she spoke, "I heard that you have a really good relationship with Selena. Do you? Share something about her with us."

"There is

rself, 'Remember this moment, Jean. You asked us to stay. Later, don't blame us for the trouble you get into.'

"Ok. We can do that. Since those men are only interested in drinking, I don't mind if we don't include them." After saying this, she turned to look to Zed. Then she smiled charmingly and said, "Well, what will you do now, Mr. Qi? It seems you only have the company of a few women."

"Go ahead and do what you like. I don't mind." Zed said nonchalantly as he poured himself some tea.

Jean raised her eyebrows. She didn't know what Zed was thinking. Why was he willing to stay here with all these women? Didn't he have anything else better to do? Normally, he wouldn't stick around for something like this. She pursed her lips, got up from her seat, walked to the door, and asked the waiter to bring two bottles of red wine.

The waiter nodded and hurried off. When he returned with the red wine, Jean asked him to pour the wine into the glasses in front of each lady. Not wanting to make her scheme obvious, Jean also picked up a full glass of wine.

After the waiter left the room, Jean didn't wait for the women to speak. She quickly raised her glass and said, "Thank you all for your help over these past several days. I do admire you for being able to handle all this so well."

The other women glowed at Jean's praise. They lifted their glasses eagerly and glugged down most of the wine. Impatient, Madeline began finding ways to make Jean drink.

"Jeany, you have married such a great husband! How about proposing a toast?"

"Yeah, yeah. Madeline is right. We all feel happy for you. You really should make a toast to celebrate your good fortune." Those who stood by Madeline echoed her words as they all knew that Madeline intended on getting Jean to drink more.

Zed saw this but didn't interfere. Instead, he graciously lifted his teacup and saucer. He blew on the hot liquid and took a small sip as he waited to see what Jean would do. A part of him was concerned. He remembered that Jean was still menstruating and wondered if drinking excessively could have harmful repercussions.

He frowned and glanced at her. What on earth did she plan to do? In all the time that he had known Jean, this was the first time that she asked asked for wine. Normally, she would refuse or drink very, very little.

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