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   Chapter 123 Food Can't Stop You From Talking

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Zed replied, "Since food can't stop you from talking, I'm considering whether I should ask you to shut up."

"I have finished eating." Jean said. She picked up her empty bowl and shook it in front of Zed. Noticing that Zed's face turned gloomy, Jean smiled and nodded as though she had won this verbal battle. Then she pretended to zip her lips and turned away.

After cleaning up, Jean went back to bed. She had slept so peacefully the previous night that she had given up the idea of sleeping on the sofa.

She didn't even have to worry about what Zed would do if he decided to join her. After all, she was menstruating and now, he knew. As long as she didn't provoke or seduce him, nothing would happen.

From the first day that they had to record the show, Jean had to behave according to the director's requests. To guarantee that they looked like a happily married couple, they needed to show off their love in public. Jean wasn't good at that. So, she seemed a little stiff.

The director pursued perfection in everything. Thus his expectations were very high. Fortunately, this show was different from the others. People who participated didn't need any acting skills. They just needed to show people how intimate they are. But for Jean, she needed acting skills to play the role of Zed's devoted wife.

At the end of every busy day, Jean found herself exhausted. But… She had trouble falling asleep. She was mentally and physically spent and yet, sleep eluded her.

She tried forcing herself to fall asleep by closing her eyes and calming her mind. After half an hour, Jean felt as though she was drowsy but still, she couldn't fall asleep. When Jean opened her eyes, she found that they hurt.

Promptly she closed them again and slowly massaged her forehead and temples to ease the discomfort that she felt. 'What's wrong with me?' Jean thought.

'Maybe I should count sheep…

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep…' Jean counted.

After taking a shower, Zed went to work. Since he was spending all his time shooting for the show, a lot of tasks had piled up. He needed to focus on the company's business.

Every time Zed took a break, he cursed the show. He didn't want to be part of this facade. However, his mother had insisted. Now, he found that all his work was piling up and he was spending a lot more time trying to catch up. He calmed himself by repeating what he had been told, the show would help strengthen the company's image. Zed felt as though he had no choice.

When he couldn't focus any more, he went to the bedroom. Seeing that Jean had curled into a ball, he couldn't resist joining her. Gently, he lifted a corner of the quilt and lay down.

Habitually, Zed scooted closer to Jean and wrapped his arms around her.

Jean held her breath and didn't dare to move. She had tossed and turned for over two hours and hadn't slept, not even a little bit. She was already on edge. When Zed lay by her side, Jean became even more annoyed. Now, she had to force herself to pretend to be asleep.

But when she felt Zed's strong, warm arms surround her, Jean's frown turned into a smile. She inhaled deeply and tried to calm her racing heart beat. Before she knew it, Jean was naturally closing her eyes. She didn't have to pretend any more.

Before long, she fell asleep.

Over t


Just as the realization hit Jean, she heard a snicker and a giggle. She turned to find that the female celebrities from her show were there as well.

Jean was stunned. She knew these women would think it very rude of her if Jean didn't join them. And so she sighed, took a deep breath, and turned to walk toward the celebrities. However, when Jean heard her name being whispered, she stopped and listened carefully.

"I wonder if the legendary Mr. Qi is blind. Why did he marry a woman who is neither beautiful nor rich?" Madeline said.

Hearing that, Jean's shoulders sagged. She remembered the toast Madeline had made just a few minutes ago. Were there no sincere and genuine people left in the world? Was everyone this deceptive?

Maggie was seated next to Madeline. She was different from the other celebrities, as Maggie was a model, not an actress. Thinking that everyone was going to toss dirt on Jean, she chipped in as well. She folded her arms across her chest and curled her lips. "Yes. If only I had met Mr. Qi first! He has everything that all women desire. He's handsome, polite, and rich."

"Don't be delusional. How can you, a model, compare with us? We have both, excellent beauty and acting skills." Madeline stared at Maggie disdainfully. Obviously, other three women didn't like Maggie as she wasn't from their industry. She would be sneered at by them regardless of whether Maggie said something smart or dumb. To the actresses, intelligence didn't matter.

Maggie may have gained a lot of fame very quickly because she and her husband were considered hot models, but she wasn't a woman with much conviction or confidence.

On the contrary, Maggie was a pushover, and often found herself easily bullied. But she was not a good woman per say. Maggie had realized very early in life that she could gain popularity quicker if she acquiesced to every suggestion and didn't apply critical thinking.

Seeing that Madeline was being supported by the other two actresses, Maggie smiled and recanted, "What Madeline said is right. You are all beautiful, talented, and sexy. I'm certainly not in the same league as any of you. And, I am married. So, don't take me too seriously."

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