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   Chapter 122 Extremely Exhausted

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Jean didn't intend to sleep in bed. She had thought of sleeping on the sofa as usual. However, the bed was so soft that she didn't want to move. Gradually, she fell asleep.

When Zed stepped out of the bathroom, he saw Jean lying in the bed with her legs fully extended. He frowned as he studied her graceless form.

'How could she be so free and easy all the time? She didn't even clean before sleeping. What could have possibly made me fall in love with her?'

Zed shook his head as he felt helpless and unable to figure out the reason. He then walked to the bed and intended to wake her. However, after several attempts of calling her name, there was no response from Jean.

Since Jean was so sound asleep, she must have been exhausted after a whole day's work. Zed stood silently for a while as he wondered what he should do. Eventually, he gave up the idea of waking her so that she could shower.

Zed then walked to the closet, chose a pair of pajamas for her, and returned to the bedside. As gently as possible he helped her out of her day clothes and then redressed her in the pajamas. With a small smile, he tucked her under the quilt before lying beside her.

Although Jean hadn't showered, a familiar light fragrance still wafted off her body. Zed closed his eyes and took a few slow, deep breaths and inhaled the scent that was so unique to Jean. When he turned toward her, a sweet flowery aroma drifted from her hair. Zed found the smell to be so familiar and gratifying that he was overwhelmed with the desire to scoop her in his arms and cuddle her as she slept.

When Jean woke, she looked around her in a daze. Had she fallen asleep in bed? Hadn't she woken later and walked to the sofa? She heard a soft snore and gasped when she realized that Zed had slept with her. When she looked out the window, she noticed that it was still dark. Quietly, she fumbled for her phone and her eyes widened when she saw that it was 4:30 am!

She had the 5:00 am appointment for makeup! However, Jean still felt sleepy. She leaned against the headrest and looked around lazily. The longer she sat on the bedside, the more tempted she was to simply crawl back under the quilt. The thought made her sit up straight. She hadn't showered the previous night. What's more, she had slept with Zed. How had she changed into pajamas?

At this time, Zed woke. He was appropriately dressed and didn't need to rush around like Jean, who needed a shower and fresh clothes. Seeing that Jean was still sitting in bed, he asked in a mild tone, "Do you want me to wait for you?"

Jean hadn't realized that Zed had woken. She was startled and quickly jumped out of bed. Without saying another word, she ran toward the bathroom. After a super quick shower, she dried off and started slipping on her clothes. Just then she heard a knock. Thinking that the assistant had arrived, Jean dressed faster.

When she opened the door, Jean saw that the assistant had been accompanied by three other people, presumably two were dressers and the third was the stylist.

It was no doubt that they had gotten up much earlier than Zed and Jean.

The crew took an hour to help Jean and Zed with their makeup and image styling. Meticulously, the assistant had also brought two matching outfits for Jean and Zed. Jean fell silent as

ot nearby, she rolled over on her back and glared at the ceiling. Just as she breathed out a sigh, a crackling sound came out from the kitchen. 'Was Zed cooking?'

Although she couldn't be sure, Jean was moved by the thought. A smile appeared on her face.

She had no idea how sweet and hearty her smile looked at the moment.

The more Jean thought about Zed's considerate gesture, the more she warmed to him. It was as if she had broken the self-imposed barrier between her and Zed by slowly accepting him. All this while, she had reminded herself not to get further involved in the relationship with Zed. But now, she was slowly accepting the fact that she had truly fallen in love with Zed.

His contrasting moments of imperiousness and tenderness had stolen her heart.

When Jean reached the kitchen, she saw that Zed had made two bowls of noodles. She inhaled deeply and smiled when she realized that he had used eggs, ham, and tenderloin for the gravy.

Jean took a tentative taste and found that it was delicious. It wasn't long before Jean had finished the whole bowl. Perhaps she was nervous or perhaps it was just because she was ravenous, either way she found that she couldn't stop eating.

Jean then placed her hand on her stomach and said with a satisfactory smile, "Mr. Qi! You have a talent for cooking noodles."

Zed didn't react to Jean's complement, he just slowly and gracefully ate his noodles. This scene triggered Jean's impatience and she frowned, "Shouldn't you eat faster if you are hungry? There's no one else here. No one is going to judge you if you eat faster."

"Do you mean I should devour my food like a beast just like you do?"

Zed's words caused Jean to purse her lips. Bewildered at his statement, she asked, "Do I look like a beast when I am eating?"

"Of course, don't you think so?" Zed countered. He then raised his head and looked at Jean with his deep-set eyes.

Jean glanced at Zed angrily and said, "I am merely a normal person with a normal speed of eating. How can you say that I eat like a beast? You are the one who should be embarrassed. I can't believe that you can eat so slowly! Why don't you be more manly and wolf down your noodles?"

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