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   Chapter 120 Push Me Away To Other Women

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"Oh, right! Besides that, I need you to show your happiest pose. That pose that as soon as the audience see, they can clearly recognize that you are happy together."

"Mrs. Qi, do you get me?" The photographer noticed that she didn't say any word. Then he asked, "Did you understand me? Is there anything that I didn't say clearly?"

Jean swallowed and shook her head. Then she smiled and replied, "Yes, yes! I got it. I'll really try my best."

"Thank you, Mrs. Qi." The photographer stood up and nodded to Zed. He then left them to have a rest.

Jean felt sad after the photographer left. Why didn't he talk with Zed? Was it because Zed was the CEO of the Qi Group, so he didn't dare to discuss it with him?

She already did her best, but ... How could she make themselves look sweet and natural in the photos, if they were really not in love with each other?

Zed seemed to know what she was thinking about. He lifted his lips and said with a blank face, "Why don't you just imagine me as Ethan Lei when they take photos of us?"

Jean heard his words and paused. Her face suddenly turned cold. Why did he mention Ethan again? Was he jealous? Jean was lost in her mind for a moment. After a while, a sweet voice suddenly resonated.

"Mr. Qi, why are you here?" The sweet voice interrupted the aggravated atmosphere between Zed and Jean.

Jean realized that the voice sounded very familiar. She raised her head and saw a familiar face.

'Selena? Why is she here?' Jean was surprised by Selena's appearance there. But not so long, she realized that she was a contracted celebrity of that company.

But, she should have been somewhere else shooting for a movie.

"Miss Miao." Zed politely greeted her.

Selena was so delighted to see Zed there. But when she saw that Jean was sitting beside him, a hint of reproach was flashed in her eyes.

"Mrs. Qi, you are here too." Selena pretended to be glad to see Jean. She even gave her a hug.

Jean sensed the smell of Chanel No. 7 from Selena. It smelt really good. Jean was a little shocked by Selena's enthusiastic hug.

She replied politely and asked, "Miss Miao, have you finished shooting for you movie?"

"Not yet. The crew is setting for the next scene. It would take them a couple of days to finish it. So I came back


"What do you think?" Another woman replied with a cold voice. That voice was somehow familiar to Jean.

Though she spoke in a different tone that time, Jean still recognized her.

It was Selena. Was she in love with Zed?

Jean looked out through the crack on the door of the cubicle. She saw that there was a very charming woman that was sexily dressed. She looked familiar to Jean, too.

She seemed to be in the same TV series with Selena and act as an evil supporting actress.

"I saw you talking with him cheerfully a while ago, weren't you? You know what? As soon as Zed came in the building, all those second-line female stars wanted to throw themselves to him. They all wanted to be Mrs. Qi!"

Selena took the powder out from her branded bag and fixed her makeup in front of the mirror. She glanced at the woman beside her and said, "Where did they find the courage and anticipate to be Mrs. Qi?"

"Right. You are the only one that can match him in the entire world!" The woman took a lipstick out of her cosmetic bag and put it on her red lips. Then, she heavily sighed, "He is really handsome. But he is already married."

After she heard that Zed was already married, Selena immediately got angry. She furiously closed the box of powder and clenched her teeth, "So what? I don't care if he is already married. That woman is an evil that managed to escape hell. She is so ugly! How could she compete against me? She is definitely nothing compared to me. Moreover, I knew Zed even before she knew him."

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