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   Chapter 119 Fashion Weekly

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The man who welcomed them wore a pair of glasses. He was not so tall and was about 35 or 36 years old. Judging from the way he dressed, he seemed to be a senior manager.

Jean knew Fashion Weekly. It was the largest media company in the city. It had not only a publication and a news office, but also branches for TV, film and post production processes. Besides, there was a TV station next to the company.

The Fashion Weekly was very famous as it was enjoying a consistent high rating. It was also popular among entertainment and fashion circles. Jean also heard that the Fashion Weekly was supported by some of the very powerful people.

This media building was also the home of most A-list celebrities. A lot of A-list celebrities, like Selena, were trained there.

Since that big company was supported by very powerful people, it didn't lack funds. But why did they plan to produce a TV program about couples?

"Hello, Mr. Qi. It's nice to meet you. I am Kevin Wang, the Vice General Manager of the Fashion Weekly."

"It's nice to meet you, too."

Kevin shifted his gaze from Zed to Jean. Then, she asked, "This should be your wife."

It was the first time that someone called Jean as the wife of Zed. Jean felt very weird when she heard that. She didn't know why it sounded so weird. She just felt uncomfortable when she heard somebody called her that way.

Zed nodded. He saw Jean standing still there. It seemed that she didn't want to respond to the Vice General Manager at all.

Zed bowed his head, smiled apathetically and pressed his lips. "Yes. But my wife... isn't talkative."

Jean abruptly looked at Zed with a serious expression on her face.

"You are very affectionate with each other. Well, this tailored program seems to be very fit for you." Kevin said with a smile.

Tailored? Jean was a little confused and weirdly looked at Zed. She felt that something was strange about the program.

She wanted to listen to Zed's explanation. However, Zed just gave her a cold glance. Then, he said to Kevin, "Let's go inside."

Jean angrily stamped her feet and followed them after she saw that they were leaving.

'Zed, you are so evil. One hour ago, you explained to me that your father accepted the invitation for us to be part of this program. You said that this program would help you restore the company's reputation. Yet, the Vice General Manager just said that the program was specially tailored for us. Does it mean that you've already planned this program even before?'

n't know how to work it out at all.

She looked at the photographer that was off the stage and pondered. She would rather stand there and shoot. She would gladly exchange her position with the photographer. She, as the photographer, would shoot photos of Zed and the photographer.

Because of Zed's prominence, the photographer finally asked them politely to take a rest on the side. He asked them to rest for an hour and pull in their emotions. After that, they would start shooting again. Both assistants treated them very considerately. Perhaps it was because the company has instructed them to do so.

They served them with tea, water, juice, fruits, snacks, cakes, and a lot more... The table beside them was full of stuffs. Yet, the other guests who were invited to take photos on site weren't treated as kindly.

Jean really wanted to sit there, eat them up and go back home.

Zed still looked as cold as ice. He read the magazine he held without any expression on his face. Jean assumed that the photographer had not been satisfied with their photos. Maybe it was not because of her own reasons; maybe it was because of Zed's apathetic face.

While she thought about it, the photographer went towards her.

She thought that the photographer would go straight to talk with Zed. Unexpectedly, he came to her, crouched and called her politely, "Mrs. Qi."

"Ahmm, yes?"

"I would like to suggest. Please be more cheerful when you we take photos of you with Mr. Qi later. Please don't keep a bland face. Hold his hands very intuitively. You should look very sweet. Then, just pose as what I've instructed you. What you should do is just be happy and sweet."

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