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   Chapter 118 Completely Submitted Herself to Him

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"So, you meant that the Weibo incident caused a one billion loss to your company?" Jean couldn't believe what she just heard. She caused a lot of trouble just because of a rumor. It even caused a huge financial loss to Zed's company.

She was willing to make every effort to lessen the loss, like what Zed and his parents did when she thought about what happened.

To make other people believe that she and Zed really loved each other, she accepted to be part of the variety show hosted by the Fashion Weekly. With that, their image as a couple would improve which would consequently recover the loss of Qi Group. Moreover, Jean and Zed, and Qi Group would benefit from their participation in the variety show anyway.

Jean didn't like doing such thing just for the benefits. However, the loss of Qi Group was because of her. She would seem to be very complacent if she wouldn't care about the Qi Group's loss.

Jean finally understood why Zed had been so busy recently after she heard about the crises that Qi Group had experienced because of her Weibo incident. He was so busy trying hard to lessen the loss of Qi Group.

That made Jean feel a bit guilty.

The Weibo incident would have not happened if she hadn't left her personal computer in Wen Family's house. If the incident didn't happen, hopefully, the media wouldn't pay too much attention to them even if Zed and Jean would divorce.

No negative news about them had been reported so far. But, that situation was totally different.

"Alright." Jean took a deep breath and nodded. Her heart felt very heavy. "Well, I will accept to be part of that variety show with you even though I don't want to."

Though she was very reluctant to participate in the variety show, Jean felt that she had no other choice.

Zed drove slowly while Jean sat on the front seat beside him in silence. She was thinking about being part of the program starting tomorrow. 'Oh, no. Should we go there today and start recording the program for tomorrow?

Or we will just go there tomorrow and just perform totally based on the scripts?' Jean thought to herself.

"Will we go there tomorrow?" Jean directly asked Zed.


"Then, when will we go there?"


"Today?" Jean was baffled for a while. She winked and confusingly asked, "But I have to go to work today. Can we just go there this evening?"

"You go to your company first and ask for a leave. Then, we will go to the set after you do it."

Jean didn't react for a while after she heard what Zed said. She was really confused. She realized that Ze


Jean was reluctant at first. But after she struggled for a while, she intimately submitted herself to Zed's skillful tongue movement. Then, she completely submitted herself to him.

She couldn't help herself. She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck. She yielded herself to their intercourse.

Zed was shocked by her unexpected relentless action. A second later, he kissed her more fiercely. They didn't know how long they had kissed each other. After a while, they heard a non-stop honk behind their car. Eventually, they heard a sound from the window of their car.

"Hey, hey, hey! Just go back home and kiss further if you want. Go ahead! You have your car parked in the middle of the road for a long time. Can you let the other cars pass here?" A middle-aged man furiously yelled at them.

Jean quickly pushed Zed away after she heard the man. Her face instantly flushed.

He rubbed his lips with a bitter expression in his eyes. Then, he coldly stared at the person outside the window.

The man was a bit shocked. It seemed that he was frightened by his cold gaze. The man left after he grumbled. Jean pursed her lips and murmured, "Just drive."

The car started to move on the road. Jean looked down and found out that her chest was still heaving. Her face suddenly turned more reddish. 'What's wrong with me?' Jean asked to herself. She wanted to refuse Zed. But it turned out that she had submitted herself to that bossy man at last.

She furtively glanced at him and found that he was driving attentively. She rubbed her lip. She still felt Zed's breath and warmth.

Zed made a phone call after they arrived at the station's building. After a while, someone came over to get them.

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