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   Chapter 117 A Loss of Ten Billion

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Jean felt completely relieved after she found out that no one was inside the room. She quickly changed her clothes and went downstairs.

Zelda had prepared their breakfast. Zed was just sitting there while enjoying his meal.

Zed took a sip of the milk as Jean was going down the stairs. For a moment, their gaze met.

Jean cleared her throat and sat opposite to Zed. She felt very embarrassed and shy when she thought about what happened upstairs.

"Mrs. Jean, are you having a sore throat? Or have you caught a cold? Let me give you a glass of warm water." Zelda turned around after she finished speaking.

When he heard Zelda talked about cold, Zed recalled that Jean slept last night without covering herself well. Perhaps she had caught a cold because of that. Zed kept silent for a while. Then he coldly raised his eyes and said to Zelda, "Cook some ginger soup for her."

Ginger soup? Jean took a furtive glance at him and thought, 'Is he concerned about me?'

"Mr. Zed, I think this is yours. I've found it inside your car." Luke went to him and handed him a VIP medal.

Jean recognized the medal. It was only for the VIP members of a nightclub.

She looked on the floor and murmured, "I stood and struggled against the cold wind for an hour yesterday just for that thing?"

"What are you murmuring?" Zed seemed to hear what she said. He slightly raised his eyes and looked at her apathetically.

Jean was provoked. She shook her head and playfully said, "I didn't say anything. I just thought that you should take good care of that medal, because that is so precious."

"Luke!" He doubtfully looked at her. Then he slowly took his eyes off her.

"Mr. Zed, what can I do for you?"

"How did I come back last night?"

"Last night… "

"You got drunk last night. In fact, you were roaring drunk. Then, your secretary gave me a phone call. So, I went to pick you up with Luke."

"Was that all?" Zed doubted what Jean said. He thought that what happened last night was not so simple as what Jean described. He remembered that something happened after he got drunk.

'Did something happen inside the room?' Zed asked to himself. He only had a vague memory. He was not sure if his absurd memory was true or not.

"That's all that happened last night!" Jean nodded her head with a smile and looked up at Luke. "Was that true? It seemed to be so

have rights to accept or reject something. Yet, you never ask my opinion if you have decisions to make. Am I an imprisoned servant to you?"

Zed frowned. He didn't expect that Jean would react that way.

Then, he suddenly parked his car.

He turned his head to Jean and saw her red eyes. His heart twitched. Then he seriously said to her, "To be part of that variety show was not up to me."

"Was not up to you?" She shook her head and looked at him in surprise. "That's impossible. Is there anything that you can't decide? Apparently, you just want to make me embarrassed."

Sometimes, Zed really admired Jean's way of thinking. 'What on earth is her brain like? She has an incredible imagination, " Zed pondered to himself.

"My mother accepted the invitation to let us be part of that variety show. It was not just because of her friend's request."

"Then, why?"

After muttering for a while, he finally decided to tell her the truth. Then he said, "Qi Group had lost more than one billion because of the previous crises. It was my father who decided for us to be part of that couple show. He wants to recover the losses and reputation of the company."

"One billion?" Jean was stunned and left speechless. Then, she asked, "Did those crises you mentioned happen because of me?"

"The wife of Qi Group's CEO publicly posted on social media that she still missed her ex-boyfriend? Do you think it was a trifle? A Man is not capable of running a company if he can't even handle his home affairs. So, how will shareholders confidently buy shares from his company?"

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