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   Chapter 116 Why Did She Sleep On The Ground

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The secretary paused for a while. She seemed to realize what Jean was trying to say. Then, she explained, "Mr. Qi didn't like to sleep outside. He was deliriously drunk. He kept on calling your name until you came. He wanted to see you so ..."

"I got it. Thank you for taking care of him. You can go home now, " Jean said.

"Okay. You're welcome!" The secretary nodded her head as she turned around and left.

Jean slowly walked towards the bed. Zed's warped facial expression indicated that he was not comfortable even though he was lying on the bed with his eyes closed.

She was about to bend over when Zed suddenly sat on his bed and stared at her with his crimson eyes.

She was shocked by his sudden move. After she saw that Zed opened his eyes, Jean heaved a sigh and asked, "Are you up?"

As soon as she finished her words, Zed swooped himself towards Jean and pushed her on the bed. Luke left the room immediately after he saw what happened.

"Hey! Zed!" Jean pushed his chest, but he didn't move at all. He was like a heavy boulder leaning against her. She found it hard to breathe. She didn't know if it was because Zed was heavy, or she was just embarrassed with Zed's action.

Zed seemed to hear Jean call him. He slightly moved his body and lowered his head. His misty crimson eyes showed that he was drunk.

"Jean, Jean ..."

Jean was dazzled for a second when she heard him call her name. Then she realized that he was really calling her name. Jean believed this could possibly mean that she had already gained a place in Zed's heart. She was thrilled and extremely delighted when she thought about it.

"I am here!" She responded while a red hue was slowly showing on her cheeks.

He seemed to be slightly awake at that moment. His cold-looking eyes turned serious and said, "Stay with me. Don't ever leave me."

Something that had been locked in Jean's heart suddenly got released after she heard his words. Jean's eyes were teary. She nodded her head and mumbled, "Yes. I will be with you. I won't leave you."

Zed kissed her. Jean had sniffed the smell of wine on his lips. His tongue opened Jean's lips. It got inside her mouth with a strong taste of wine. He was so gentle and tender.

Jean definitely hated the taste of wine. But now, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. They were passionately kissing. Time seemed to stop at that moment. Her brain started to whirl. She felt as if

e, she immediately covered her eyes and turned her head on her side. Then, she shouted at him, "You … You rogue!"

She took good care of him last night. How could he act like that to her? It was even still early in the morning!

"Who's a rogue?"

"You!" She pointed her finger to him without any hesitation. Yet, her eyes couldn't help but look at his body.

Zed was a little angry before, but when he saw Jean acting so funny, his interest quickly aroused. He slightly twisted his mouth and wore an evil smile, "You want to …?"

"What?" Jean was confused. Her eyes were wide-opened.

"You kept on looking at me. Doesn't it mean that you expect something to happen?" He said with a seducing voice. It seemed that he was trying to flirt with her.

Jean startled and immediately moved her eyes away from his body. Face turning red, she shook her head and stuttered, "Don't, don't ... talk nonsense."

"If you didn't mean that, then why wouldn't you give my bath towel back?" Zed enjoyed seeing her embarrassed.

"Huh?" Jean was dazzled. She suddenly realized that she was still holding the bath towel. After learning that, she threw the bath towel away and ran into the bathroom as fast as she could.

She went in front of the mirror and recalled what happened that time. She felt extremely embarrassed.

'Why would something so strange like that happen this morning? Why did I sleep on the floor?'

She still couldn't get any clue about it.

She stayed inside the bathroom for a while and washed herself up. She didn't get out until she was sure that there was nothing going on outside the bathroom.

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