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   Chapter 115 Drunk

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"Mrs. Qi? Are you still there?" The secretary asked anxiously as she didn't hear a response.

"I am. You were saying that he kept calling my name?" Jean was surprised that Zed would ask for her in a situation like this. She bit her lip and waited for the secretary to verify as Jean was unsure about what she had heard.

"Yes. Mrs. Qi. Could you please come get Mr. Qi now? He keeps asking for you, " the secretary had no choice except to ask Jean to pick Zed up since he was too drunk to call Jean and speak with her. The secretary had tried to settle him, but when she failed to calm Zed down, she had to call Jean. Now, her hope rested on Jean. She clutched the cell phone tightly as she was worried that Jean might refuse.

Upon hearing what the secretary said, Jean was startled for a second. To some extent, she was delighted to hear that Zed had asked for her. As an old saying went, in wine there is truth. Did that mean he had a spot for her in his heart? Thinking of that, her cheeks flushed. She became even more delighted now.

"All right. Give me the address and I'll come at once, " Jean said without further hesitation.

Jean quickly took down the address and dressed before she knocked on the door of the guest room.

"Luke, Luke!" She planned to wake Luke and ask him to come along with her since it was late at night. There was a hint of anxiety in her voice. She was worried about Zed.

A few seconds later, Luke opened the door and looked at Jean with tired eyes. He asked, "Mrs. Jean, what's the matter?"

"Zed got drunk at a club. Please come with me to pick him up, " Jean said.

"Mr. Zed got drunk?" Luke was dazed by what Jean had said. The weariness on his face faded away immediately. He nodded, "Please wait a moment. I'll change my clothes at once."

On the way to the club, Jean wondered what had happened. In all the time that she had known him, Zed had never been in a position to need assistance like this. Even if he drank a lot, he would still be able to come home by himself.

But what happened to him today? Wait, what happened to his driver?

Jean remembered that a few months ago, Zed had started a new routine of driving to the office but having a driver bring him home after work.

If she hadn't thought about this, she wouldn't have remembered about the driver.

Since it was already midnight and there were few cars on the road, Luke drove quickly. About twenty minutes later, they arrived at a high-end club.

Jean guessed that it would probably take hundreds of thousands of dollars to hang out here for just one night. She walked toward the entrance of the club with Luke. However, they weren't able to enter as the security guards stopped them outside.

"Do you have a VIP card?" one of the security guards asked sternly.

"VIP card?" Jean was surprised. The secretary hadn't mentioned this. Then she shook her head and said, "No!"

"You can't get in if you don't have a VIP card!" The security guard replied stiffly.

Jean frowned. Since when did people need VIP cards to get into clubs? If she couldn't get into the club, then she had no choice but to leave Zed. But she was concerned about him and wanted to at least check on his condition.

"Mrs. Jean, what should we do now?" Luke was a little anxious as well. After all, Zed was the only son of the Qi's and he had watched Zed grow up. It was his duty to ensure that Zed was all right. He couldn't leave Zed alone at the club.

Jean pulled out her phone and dialed Ze

VIP card. I'm so glad to see that you reached safely and found a way to enter." The secretary said with relief.

"Where is he?" When Jean glanced around, she couldn't see Zed anywhere. She had been anxious about his condition all this while and couldn't wait anymore.

"Come this way, I'll take you to him."

Soon, the secretary led Jean and Luke to the private room. The room was luxuriously decorated. When Jean stepped inside, she turned around slowly to study the room. It was huge, almost like a palace. It was splendid and magnificent in every way possible. It was so big that she couldn't see where the room ended. The room had been divided into several sections. Each of these sections was designed for a different kind of entertainment. People could sing songs, play games, swim and hold party in these sections.

It was indeed overwhelming to take it all in at once. When Jean turned, She saw that the bar counter in the room was full of empty bottles of wine, glasses, fruit plates, all kinds of food and also several glasses, and shots of colorful cocktails.

Where was Zed? Jean was stunned when she saw how many empty bottles of wine were on the counter. The more bottles she saw, the more concerned Jean became.

"Mrs. Qi, this way!" The secretary walked to a door and opened it quietly. Jean followed her inside. Jean and the secretary walked down a short hall before entering a spacious living room. This seemed to be a guest accommodation of sorts. She had passed several doors in the hall, which Jean presumed led to bathrooms or wash rooms.

Jean was shocked! She had never imagined that a club would offer a private area that would be so huge. Considering the size of the rooms she saw before she entered the hall, all this space combined together would be bigger than Zed's villa. How much did it take to spend a night here?

The moment she stepped in the bedroom, she saw Zed lying on a bed. He seemed to be in a very uncomfortable position with his arms and legs stretched out.

Wait a minute! There was a bed here, too?

"If there's a bed here, then why did you call me? He could have just rested here, no?" Jean looked at the secretary as she pointed to the bed and spoke. She couldn't understand why the secretary would ask her to pick up Zed if the accommodations here were so comfortable.

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