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   Chapter 114 Couples Show

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"I asked you to get Selena's autograph for me. How can you forget?" Maranda simpered. Annoyed that Jean was more concerned about her phone, Maranda pursed her lips and turned her head away to avoid facing Jean.

Jean was about to make an apology. But as it was Jade who was calling, she swiped to answer the call.

Jean motioned Maranda to keep quiet by placing her index finger over her lips. Then she quickly said, "Hey, Mom."

"Jean, I have some important to tell you, " Jade said.

"Go ahead, " Jean said with a frown. Jade usually never called her at work. So what could have prompted her to call today?

"Sean and I are leaving for Shanghai. The flight will take off soon. We will be in Shanghai for a couple of days."

"Shanghai?" Jean paused and asked, "What for?"

"I have an emergency to deal with, so we are in a hurry. Oh, by the way, I have something else to tell you. Last night, I attended a party and met a friend who is the manager of a fashion show. He invited you and Zed to participate in his couples show."

'Couples show?'

Jean was shocked by what Jade had said. Jean occasionally watched TV and had a fair idea of the kind of programs that were aired.

Jean shook her head vigorously and said, "Did you accept the invitation, Jade? Zed and I are not a good fit for such kind of shows. And besides, Zed......"

"Yes, I have already accepted." Jade snapped before Jean could say more. Then Jade continued, "The manager is one of my oldest friends, a pretty good one too. I had no alternative but to accept." Jade expressed her dilemma.

"You had no alternative?" Jean was petrified and didn't know how to refuse Jade. The only thing she could do was repeat Jade's words in disbelief.

"Jean, I have left the invitation and the name card with Zelda. Remember to collect them. By the way, I really expect to see you and Zed on TV. Well, that's it, the passengers are boarding so we have to go as well. Bye." A beep sounded as the call disconnected.

Jean sat on a bench with a startled expression. She lowered her eyes to the ground as she tried to figure out what she could do.

'As known by all, the Qi Group is a leading enterprise in the business world. It enjoys a high reputation in the city. If Zed and I attend the show, there will be no doubt that the fashion show's ratings would skyrocket. The show will definitely attract a lot of media attention.

When the show airs, almost all media houses will place us on the front page. Besides, Zed is charming and rich, so who knows what will happen after.

And our marriage is just a business agreement. The only thing connecting us is the marriage certificate. We are not a true couple. If the conditions of our marriage are discovered one day, where will the Qi Group and I end up?' Jean thought.

Jean was desperate to find a way out of this predicament. But no matter how she examined t

r introduction, Jade had been nothing but kind and loving toward Jean. 'If she really did plan all this, then she must have a very good reason, Jean concluded.

But Jean really didn't want to attend that show. Therefore, she hoped Zed would find a way to wiggle out of this without offending Jade or ruining Jade's relationship with her old friend. Jean thought, 'Zed is always cold and stern. He is also quiet and secretive about his life. He will be more unhappy about this than I am.'

Thinking that Zed would support her decision not to go, Jean felt relieved.

To pass the time, Jean had a bath and then she watched TV. When she started yawning, Jean glanced at the watch on her wrist. Her eyes widened when she saw the time. It was almost 10:00 PM. Where was Zed?

Jean was so tempted to call him, but she knew that he would be furious if she interrupted his work. After struggling with herself, Jean decided it was best if she went to sleep. That way she wouldn't be glaring at the ticking minute hand, and she wouldn't be tempted into calling Zed and earning his wrath.

Jean didn't know how long she had slept for. She was woken by the persistent ringing of her phone.

Jean picked up the phone and looked at the screen. Zed's number flashed on the screen. Relieved, she swiped to answer the call.


"Hello, is this Mrs. Qi speaking?" Jean was dazed when she heard a woman. She had been expecting Zed's gruffly voice. Then she realized the voice belonged to Zed's secretary.

"Yes? Where is Zed?"

"Boss has drunk too much. We're at a nightclub. He doesn't want to leave but he keeps murmuring your name. Mrs. Qi, could you please come and take him home?" The secretary asked.

'A nightclub? Zed actually went to a nightclub? A place that is full of all kinds of women?

Wait, wait. Did the secretary say that Zed had been murmuring my name? Could it be?' Jean finally realized something.

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