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   Chapter 113 Gentle Love Like Water

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Jean had no idea why Zed had brought her to the seaside. She couldn't even guess as to what he wanted to do now that they were here. But she still followed Zed.

"Why did you bring me here?" Jean looked puzzled and asked him.

"I was once told that standing at the seashore and feeling the cool sea wind is a good way to relax, especially when a person is feeling overwhelmed, " Zed answered.

Jean scrunched her nose when she heard his explanation. That cannot be it! Perhaps she had misunderstood him? On impulse, Jean stood on her tip-toes and placed her palm on Zed's forehead. She looked even more bewildered when she realized he wasn't unwell. "You aren't feverish, " she said in awe.

"Why did you do that?" Zed frowned as irritation set in.

When Jean didn't reply, he asked her again "Why did you touch my forehead? What made you think that I might be unwell? Why did you speak with such astonishment?" Jean shook her head and continued whispering with the same incredulous tone, "You are nuts. Yes, that's it! You must be raving mad."

A cool breeze brushed across Jean's face. The wind felt so nice that she closed her eyes and lifted her chin. Jean took a deep breath and felt as though the salty sea wind was energizing every atom of her being.

Slowly she looked up at Zed, only to find his frosty gaze was fixed on her.

'Did I say something wrong?' Jean wondered.

"You have a heart of stone, don't you?" Zed was burning with anger. He had been considerate enough to take her for a drive and share this spectacular moment with Jean because he knew that she was upset. And instead of being grateful, she was mocking him.

"This trip was for me? I was upset and you thought I'd feel better if you brought me here?" Jean couldn't believe her ears. She was stupefied. 'Zed truly has no selfish reasons for bringing me here? He's being incredibly thoughtful today. Why?' Jean wondered.

Zed had always been harsh with Jean. He rarely said a kind word to her. He satirized her relentlessly and he couldn't stop complicating their relationship with his jealousy and insecurities every time he saw or heard about Ethan. Yes, he had been considerate at times. But those were small gestures that didn't inconvenience Zed. This, however, was completely unexpected.

Jean felt ashamed of her reaction. She tried to conceal her emotions as she didn't want to show others her most vulnerable side.

Jean had no idea how to tell Zed that she was remorseful and that she did care about his thoughtful gesture.

Now that she knew that he had brought her to the seaside because he was genuinely concerned, she smiled a

ssed her so she laughed out loud, "I am just teasing you. When would you like me to treat you? I'll take you for a dinner whenever you want."

Upon hearing this, Maranda turned to face Jean with a huge grin. She spoke with excitement, "I would like a feast to replenish myself."

Jean liked Maranda because she always gave her an honest opinion and she was not assuming and artificial. It was such a stroke of luck for Jean to have found a friend and colleague like her.

Although Jean had to repay Ethan and pay the rent, she still had enough money to treat Maranda to a dinner.

The afternoon sun was dazzling. The women basked in it's warmth.

After the waiter took away the empty dishes, Maranda ordered two glassed of lemon juice.

"We can finally rest after all these big assignments. It's so nice here. I don't want to go back to the company.'' While drinking the lemon juice, Maranda tilted her head as she thought of something. She asked Jean excitedly, "Did you meet with Selena?"

"Yes, I did."

"Does she looks prettier in person than she does on TV?" Maranda asked.

"Yes, she is much prettier than she looks on TV." Jean answered.

"What do you think of her? Is she a poser?" Maranda questioned.

"Not exactly. She is very kind."

"Did you ask her for an autograph?"

Jean paused when reminded that she had promised Maranda to ask Selena for an autograph. Jean was embarrassed for having forgotten. She scratched her head and smiled apologetically.

Maranda bent her arms over the table and rested her head on them in disappointment.

Jean was just about to comfort her by saying that she still had a chance to get an autograph when her cell phone rang. Catching a glimpse of the name on the caller ID, Jean paused.

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