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   Chapter 112 I Will Not Let You Get Away With This

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Jade shook her head and said, "We are a family. You are being too polite."

Henry and Joy grinned from ear to ear as soon as they heard Jade mention that they were a family.

"Your younger daughter is not only pretty, but she is very charming as well." Jade praised Shirley.

Upon hearing this, Shirley lowered her head and expressed her gratitude, "Thank you, auntie."

They spent the next few minutes exchanging pleasantries and compliments. They looked like any other joyful family. Jean glared at the hypocritical Wen family. She knew that they were shameless, but she hadn't expected that they would try to be this underhanded after she had severed her relationship with them.

They had gone too far!

"Oh! Why don't we see Zed?" Henry looked around and asked.

Jade replied, "He is speaking with his friend."

"Oh, I see."

"Well, we hadn't informed anyone that we had returned. Now that we've been introduced, let's find some time to dine together. I will ask Zed to book a restaurant and inform you of the details."

Henry's eyes gleamed with greed and he nodded eagerly. "Why wait? Let's dine tomorrow. We will treat you to this meal as Jean has caused many problems since she married Zed. We owe you this much!" He offered with feigned innocence and humility.

"Really? I didn't know. From what I have seen, Jean has never brought us any trouble. I like my daughter-in-law very much."

Both sides of her family were being way too polite for Jean's comfort. She stared at Henry coldly.

Shirley was filled with inveterate hatred toward Jean, although she managed to feign a polite demeanor. 'Why is she so lucky? How did she end up being the one to marry into such a rich and powerful family? How is that ordinary Jean could gain favor from Zed's mother so easily, but I have to pretend to please her?'

After talking with each other for a while, both families finally reached an agreement about the date and time for the dinner and who would treat whom for that meal. Apparently, Henry was very excited. While feigning interest in what Jade was saying, he took a quick peek at Jean. He knew that Jean, though upset, would not make trouble at this moment.

All members of Wen family seemed to be thrilled with how this meeting was going.

However, Jean was rather upset. In fact, she was extremely unhappy.

Zed stood on one side and waited for something interesting to happen. He knew that Jean wasn't the same cowardly person who would let the Wen family get away with their dirty tricks.

"Mom, let's cancel the dinner agreement." Jean said suddenly.

Upon hearing this, all others present were stunned. Henry was astounded. He had been so certain that Jean would behave and not cause any trouble. His expression turned gloomy. He stared at Jean sternly as if he were warning her not to talk nonsense.

"Why shall we cancel it?" Jade asked in confusion.

Jean hadn't been afraid of Henry for a long time. And so, his glare did not frighten her into silence. Instead she stared back at him as she spoke, "Because my relationship with the Wen family has

ession in her eyes seemed hollow.

Zed's parents decided to travel in the housekeeper's car, so that Jean and Zed could speak privately on the way home. Jean was rather depressed. Thinking about what had just happened, she was just in a very bad mood.

Every time she met any member of the Wen family, they quarreled. Each time they arranged for meetings, Jean went with the hope that something had changed. And yet, all they could do was impose their selfish requests and demands on her. She had promised herself that she would never believe them nor be hurt by their actions and words. And yet, why did it feel as though after this disastrous meeting, her relationship with the Wen family had been truly severed.

She raised her head and took a deep breath. Determined to see the positive side of things, Jean reminded herself that since she had no family of her own, she could no longer be taken advantage of. This would mean a little less stress and anxiety in her life. That was a good thing, no?

She was silent throughout the drive. Zed didn't say anything either, but he drove attentively.

Jean was in a daze as she looked at the buildings and the landscapes that whizzed past. Zed had driven for one hour, but they hadn't arrived at their destination.

Something didn't feel quite right. And so Jean frowned and paid attention to her surroundings.

How was it possible to have driven for almost an hour and not have reached home? The villa was barely half an hour away!

Jean looked around and found that she was unfamiliar with the buildings on this road. This was not the way home! She turned and asked Zed, "Aren't we going back home? Why have you taken a different route?"

Zed didn't respond. Instead, he continued to drive in silence for another five minutes. Then, he pulled up in a parking spot and killed the engine. Jean was shocked at their destination.

'The seaside? Why had Zed brought her here?'

"Get out of the car." Without waiting for a reply or offering Jean an explanation, Zed swung his door open and stepped out.

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