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   Chapter 111 The Same Dress

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Jean and Zed showing off became an amusement. She felt even more embarrassed and buried her head into Zed's chest. She tapped Zed's chest to show that she felt annoyed and awkward before she said, "Zed, what do you want to do?"

Jean did not expect that Zed would act boldly and ignore people's reactions. It was an evening party which was attended by a lot of celebrities. Though they were couple, displaying such affection in public made Jean feel ashamed. Jean believed that her face must have turned red.

"You are my wife. I have the right to do this as your husband. Don't you forget why we attend this party today? To show our love!" Zed looked up and stared afar. A wicked smile showed up on his handsome face.

"I attend this party to accompany you. I haven't thought that we should act as true couple and become as intimate as that!" Jean glared at Zed in anger. She tried to get away from his tight hug. But they were in a public place. If Jean tried her best to get away from him, her action might draw more people's attention.

Zed did not take Jean's drudgery seriously. With his arms around Jean, he led her to the buffet table. He place French pastries on a tray, passed it to Jean and said, "Darling, you said that you are hungry, right?"

Zed's action drew attention from the girls who were around them. They were shrieked in extreme excitement. They were crazy about the two of them.

"Oh, my gosh! Why don't I have a perfect, gentleman like him? That's so unfair!"

"Yeah, right. Zed is like a god. I have loved him for many years. And now he had just been easily caught by another woman. I am hearted now! It hurts so much!"

"Ughh! If I am the lady standing next to him, I would be willing to give up decades of my life."

Jean found the words she heard from those young ladies' hard to believe. They were all princesses of wealthy families. They have nearly everything. If they fell in love with any rich and handsome men, those ladies could easily win their hearts. Yet they behaved just like idiots being allured by Zed's handsome face.

Jean shook her head in depression. The moral degeneration of the world was getting worse day by day. Jean did not know what made these ladies go crazy about Zed. It was as if they had drunk a kind of magic potion called "Zed Qi".

But Zed seemed to be very flattered by their reactions. He raised his attractive but cold eyes, and said, "You already have a perfect husband. Why don't you appreciate me? Why do you want other men hug you?" Zed seriously looked at Jean. His deep eyes showed that he was a little upset.

Jean startled after she heard what Zed said. But she got back to her senses soon. She doubted if she had just misheard or misunderstood what Zed said.

Zed's tone conveyed his sadness. She did not have other men

nded to be gentle and showed her politeness to Jade. She began her performance and buttered Jade up, "You are my brother-in-law's mom. If people don't know that you are his mother, they will surely think that you are his sister. Aunt, you look really beautiful and young."

"Hahaha! How sweet of you."

Shirley still wore her sweet smile. She did not give up her desire to get Zed's love. Though Jean hadn't divorce Zed yet, she didn't want to give up.

It was such a good opportunity for her to meet Zed's mother. So she thought that she should leave a good impression on her. It was very important for her to work on it. She deeply believed that Jade would soon be her mother-in-law.

"Jean, we'd better choose a good day to have a dinner..."

"Dad, mom!" Shirley saw Henry and Joy. She happily waved at them to show where she was.

Henry noticed Zed and Jean from a distance. He had also recognized that the lady standing with them was Jade, Zed's mom.

It was a big opportunity for him to connect and have good relationship with the Qi family. He couldn't let it easily pass.

So he laughed, walked towards Jade and reached his hand before saying, "Hmmm… You must be my daughter's mother-in-law. Aren't you?"

"You are right! You are Jean's father, right?" Jade kindly asked.

"Yes, I am. Our Jean must have brought a lot of trouble to you." Henry politely said. He rarely smiled, but this time, he wore a very big smile.

Joy immediately became friendly and kind when she knew that the lady was Zed's mother. "You are Jean's mother-in-law. I'm so sorry. I didn't recognize you. I heard that you went abroad. When did you just come back? Jean did not tell us that you already came back. This child is getting wildly out of wing! If we had known that you were back, we could have definitely met you and given you some treat, " said Joy hypocritically.

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