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   Chapter 110 Given the Cold Shoulder

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She was moved a bit at that moment.

Jean walked towards Zed with his mother closely. Before they came near to him, a beautiful woman appeared before them. The woman swiftly ran towards Zed and held his hands passionately.

"Zed! You are here too." Eva joyfully exclaimed.

After she saw what happened, Jean slowly lowered her head and looked at the floor.

Eva wore a light yellow dress that day. Her long curly hair fell over her shoulder. Looking from her back, she was like a fairy that came from heaven; she looked very pretty.

Apart from her attractive attire, her makeup was very exquisite. It seemed that she had spent a lot of time to dress up before she went out.

Jade immediately pulled a long face after she saw Eva. Eva behaving like that in public made Jade disgusted. Some journalists might be around, watching and taking pictures of them. Qi Group's reputation would be greatly affected if that scene was photographed and negatively reported with fabricated headlines.

"Zed!" Jade called.

Eva turned around after she heard the voice. A smile slowly showed across her face after she found out that it was Zed's mom who called him. Then, she pretended to be gracious and politely greeted, "Hello, uncle, auntie. I am Eva Xu."

Sean didn't respond to her greetings. Instead, he coldly grunted, "Aren't you ashamed to flirt with a married man in public? You are even a woman!"

Eva's smiling face gradually turned grumpy after Sean finished his words.

Jean had been thinking about Sean's thoughts being old-fashioned. He was also stubborn and hard-headed like an old man. But, after she heard what he said to Eva that day, she felt that he had revenged for her. Jean felt very happy.

Jade didn't like Eva either. She walked straight towards Zed without even glancing at Eva.

"Mom." Zed walked towards his mother and took a glimpse at Jean. He was so shocked.

Eva focused her eyes on Jean. She furiously stared at Jean while she gritted her teeth and

Clutched her fists. 'Why did Jean get the things that I should have gotten. The one that come with Zed's parents there should have been me. But Jean replaced my place.'

Eva stood aside and saw Zed's parents walked past her coldly.

Jean apathetically glanced at Zed. Then, she kept her head down and went inside with her parents-in-law.

Qi Group was a business leader. The owners of Q

taring at her. She would still feel very awkward even if she would choose to leave. Hence, she just stood still there aimlessly. She didn't know what to do.

She was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to hide. Jade smiled at her and asked, "Jean, what's so funny?"

"Ah......" She pretended to look at people around calmly. She smiled charmingly and said, "Mom, Zed told me a joke just now. Don't mind us. Just continue what you're doing."

She felt very embarrassed. She really didn't know what to do. Luckily, Jade saved her.

Jean slowly turned her face to Zed and looked at him. She winked her eyes and signaled Zed to leave that embarrassing place with her.

However, Zed just stared at her and stood still. He raised his eyebrows and laughed as if he were saying, 'Go on and convince me. Beg me, beg me!'

"Honey, I am hungry. Let's go and eat something." She pointed at the buffet table while purposely raising her voice so that people could hear her.

Then, she turned around and said, "Mom and Dad, Zed and I are going there."


She took Zed's hand with a devious smile and walked towards the table with him. Jean raised her head and looked at Zed. She was flaunting to Zed that she could still think of other ways even if he didn't save her from embarrassment.

After he noticed Jean flaunting, Zed clasped her waist in his arm and tugged her close to him. She had been caught off guard when Zed held her tightly. What Zed did not only shocked her, but also shocked the people around them. People even exclaimed when they saw what happened.

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