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   Chapter 107 Damn It

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Zed Qi's mom threw Eva's hand off and angrily left. Then, Jean walked and followed her.

Eva startled for a while and felt very regretful for what she had said. She chased Zed's mom and Jean, and tried to explain herself. However, the elevator's door immediately closed after they got in. Eva could not do anything but to angrily look at the tightly closed elevator door.

She was enraged. She stamped her foot, clenched her teeth and screamed, "Damn it! Sue Mi, this is all your fault. If it was not because of you, Zed's mom should've not scolded me like this. I must have left a bad impression on her. Damn it!"

"Eva, what will we do now? Should we explain to Zed?"

"I don't know what to do yet!" Eva glared at Sue and said, "You kept reminding me to attack Jean and Zed's mom. If it was not because of you, I would have never said that stupid words to his mom." She threw the shopping bags she held angrily to vent her rage out. Then she immediately strode out of the shopping mall.

Sue quickly picked up the shopping bags Eva had thrown. She chased her and yelled, "Eva, wait for me! It was not my fault. It was all because of Jean Wen. She was too cunning. She knew that the lady was Zed Qi's mom, yet she kept it a secret. It's obvious! She wanted to see you lose.

That's so awful."

Jean followed Jade and got in the car. Jade looked really displeased. She sat there and kept silent. Only one thing lingered in her mind. Whether what Eva had said was true or not?

Jean sat beside Zed's mom. She felt extremely anxious after Eva unexpectedly revealed her secret about her marriage with Zed. 'Mom must have known that the marriage between Zed and I was just a deal. Eva Xu is Zed's ex-girlfriend. Moreover, he truly loved her.' Jean pondered to herself. She wanted to comfort her mother-in-law. But words failed her. She was overwhelmed by a feeling of upset.

Luke also felt the strange atmosphere inside the car, but he didn't dare to ask what happened. What he could only do was to drive the car steadily.

The silence in the car lasted for about ten minutes. Jade eventually calmed herself down. She looked into Jean's eyes and asked sincerely, "Jean, about what that woman said, is it true? What really happened to you and your ex-boyfriend? To Zed and that woman? What happened to your relationship?"

"Mom, I don't know how to explain those things to you. That woman is Zed's ex-girlfriend. I..." She paused and sighed before she continued, "I can't explain clearly. What I will say will just confuse you more. Please let Zed explain all of it to you when he comes home."

Jean found it hard to answer Jade that time. It would just make the situation worse. Besides, Zed's explanation might be different from hers.

After Jean completed her words, the car was filled with silence again.

On their way back home, Jade called Zed and asked him to go back home as soon as possible.

Then, they arrived at the Qi's house. Zed's parents and Jean were sitting on the sofa. The fear that filled the living room seemed to put a pressure in the air.

After a while, Luke heard

Zed seriously and asked, "Zed, tell me honestly. Did you spend the night with that young woman?"

After Jean heard her mother-in-law's words, her body noticeably trembled. She couldn't understand what she felt that time. She felt a mixture of different feelings. If Jade had not mentioned that, she might have forgotten it.

Zed said nothing first. There was a gap of silence after Jade asked him.

Jean stared at Zed to see his reaction. But Zed still remained silent. Jean just took his action as his submission to his parents. She felt heartbroken and found it hard to breathe.

In order to dispel her mother-in-law's suspicion, Jean smiled and said, "Mom, Zed is the CEO of the Qi Group. I think it just normal for him to be involved in this kind of rumors. Don't take it seriously. Last night, Zed was working overtime at his company busily. I knew that because I called to check him last night."

"Really?" Jade asked with great amazement.

"Yeah." Jean nodded while smiling. Nobody noticed that there was a sadness behind her big smile.

Jade was a wise person. She clearly knew that Jean was just helping Zed out. She sighed deeply, patted Jean's hand and said, "Jean, you are really very kind."

The dining table was still filled with a gloomy mood.

Sean went directly to his room after he ate barely half of his meal. He seemed to be still angry about what had happened.

Jean kept herself busy eating. After she finished her meal, she quickly went upstairs.

Standing in front of the French windows and gazing out, she was lost in thought. The night was so quiet. The sky was dark; it was as black as an ink. No stars showed that night. It was the darkest sky Jean had ever seen.

Zed walked into the room. The dim light made her face barely visible. Though it was dark, Jean's face was still reflected on the windows. Jean had a beautiful thick hair. It smoothly fell over her shoulder. Her black hair contrasted her white and even skin. Zed felt that Jean was much more attractive and alluring while she was looking out of the windows.

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