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   Chapter 106 The Encounter With The Mother-In-Law

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Meanwhile, Eva was shopping there too. She was holding onto her best friend, Sue's hand. Jean saw them first. They happened to walk in their direction. Jean was a little speechless. 'Are those rich second generations capable of nothing except going for shopping all the time?'

Eva was found shopping even the last time when they met.

Since she ran into Eva now, Eva would definitely not let her get away so easily.

She knew Eva well and she was certain that Eva would try and mess with her as hard as she can. And just in case, Eva exposed the fact that her marriage to Zed was only a business marriage, it would be a complete mess.

At the thought of this, she panicked. Suddenly, an idea came to her. She told Jade instantly, "Mom, I need to go to the restroom. Could you please wait for me here for a second?"

"Sure ..."

"Ah!" A kid bumped suddenly into Jade. Jean held onto her subconsciously and stopped Jade from getting hurt. Luckily, she acted so fast that Jade didn't get injured. However, the sudden noise attracted the attention of the two people in front of them.

"Mom, are you all right?" Jean asked Jade with concern. She was busy checking if Jade was okay and didn't notice that she had attracted Eva's attention in all this.

"I'm okay. Such a naughty kid." Jade replied and then patted on the chest, still feeling a little frightened.

Sue reacted first. She pointed to Jean and asked, "Eva, is that Jean Wen?"

Eva looked up and ran into Jean's rattled eyes by coincidence. She lifted the corner of her mouth and nodded. There was a hint of evilness radiating from her face. It looked as if she was scheming something at the moment.

"Exactly! What a coincidence to meet her here!"

Eva said with an evil smile as she strode towards her.

"It turns out that we are so destined to be around each other. It hasn't even been a while since we two met last time." Eva said with a hint of sarcasm. The indescribable smile on her face looked as if she was going to teach Jean a good lesson today.

Jean frowned and realized something bad was going to happen as soon as she saw Eva.

Jade looked at Jean and asked after she took a glance at Eva, "Jean, is this your friend?"

Jean didn't know what to say. Eva turned to Jade. She raised her eyebrows and asked with an arrogant voice, "Aunt, are you Jean's mother? You must know that your daughter is really very ill mannered. She is such a slutty whore that she always tries to seduce men."

"Exactly!" Sue echoed, standing right next to Eva. She snorted as she was glaring at Jean.

Upon hearing this, Jade's face turned gloomy.

She used to be mild but now she suddenly looked as serious as a teacher. She scolded, "What makes you talk like an evil woman at such a young age? How did Jean seduce men? If you can't give me a reasonable explanation, I will not let you leave from here!"

Eva and Sue didn't expect this middle-aged woman to be so fierce. Eva's face turned cold immediately. Sh

ked as she bit her lips, anxiously.

"What if she is? Are you not done yet? Was it fun for you to be so aggressive at me?"

Jean's answer broke Eva's last hope. Her face turned pale and rigid.

She put on an embarrassed smile and held onto Jade's arm as she explained, "Aunt, I'm so sorry but I didn't know you are Zed's mother. If I had known that, I would not have been so impolite with you."

She regretted whatever she said deeply now. How stupid she was to think of Zed's mother as Jean's mother! She thought Zed's parents had been living abroad all the while and only moved here a few days back.

But she never thought she would run into Zed's mother like that. She blamed Jean for all this. If it were not for her, she wouldn't have acted like that the first time she met her mother-in-law-to-be!

"Who are you?" Jade looked at her, displeased.

"I'm Zed's girlfriend." She replied with a big smile though she was still anxious in her heart.

"Zed's girlfriend?" Jade dazed for a second and then turned to Jean and asked, "What is going on here?" She was totally confused now.

"Mom, it's not like what she said. If you want to know the whole story, let's wait for Zed to explain all of this to you." Jean said as she panicked in her heart though she tried to reply back to Jade calmly.

If Zed spent last night with Eva, then they must be back in love with each other now.

Though Zed asked her to act in front of his parents but now that Eva exposed the whole truth, he would definitely have to lay his cards on the table before his parents, no?

Thinking of that, Jean got so upset that she felt as if her heart was shattered into a million pieces.

On hearing Jean's words, Jade relaxed a little bit.

She frowned and looked at Eva with resentment, "What girlfriend? To me, you are just a girl without any family education! What kind of person are you to humiliate people in public and pester a man who's married! Listen up, stay away from Zed from now on!"

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