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   Chapter 105 Shopping

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They came back the next morning. Sonny gave her two days off from work. Jean didn't want to get off work else she would have to face Zed's parents at home.

But thinking of the fact that she had been away for a few days, it might not be a good idea to get back to work immediately after coming back.

So she eventually planned to have rest at home for two days. When she arrived at Zed's house, Luke helped her with her luggage.

Jade just walked out of the kitchen when she saw that Jean was back. She put on a big smile on her face immediately, "Jean, you are back. I just cooked some soup. Hurry up and take a seat. I'll get you a bowl of soup."

"It's ok, mom. I'll get it myself." Jean went into the kitchen and fetched herself a bowl of soup.

Zelda had just prepared the dinner so Jean helped her to serve the dishes onto the table. At the same time, Jade sent Luke to ask Sean to come downstairs and have some dinner.

It was the first time that there were only the three of them at the dinner table since Zed wasn't around.

Jean greeted Sean and then drank her soup cautiously. She was a little nervous when she was with Sean as he always looked so serious.

"Jean, how does this soup taste?" Jade asked with an expectation of receiving some compliments.

"Oh, it tastes great. Mom, you cooked it very well." She nodded her head. She didn't lie about it all. Jade cooked it well. Although Jean was not a picky eater, she would always eat more when the food tasted good.

She suddenly remembered Zed and then asked, "Mom, did Zed come back home last night?"

"Last night?" Jade shook her head, "No, he didn't. He must be busy with the work at the company. He just won't take rest if he is busy with work. Those days he usually works late." A hint of concern appeared on Jade's face.

Jean dazed for a second. He didn't come back home? He left yesterday morning so he must have reached yesterday afternoon. How come he didn't come back home last night? Did something happen at the company that he had to stay up all night for work?

She suddenly wanted to give Zed a call. But having no idea of what to say, she hesitated for a while and then gave up on the idea in the end.

'Zed should be back this evening.'

Thinking of that, Jean was relaxed.

Jade seemed to have remembered something. She went up to Zelda who was in the kitchen at the moment, and said, "Zelda, cook some chicken soup for Zed later and then ask Luke to take it to him."

"Alright, Mrs. Qi."

Jean always felt a sort of overwhelming stress from Sean's seriousness whenever she saw him.

He kept quiet during the dinner, which made her pretty nervous.

After the end of the dinner, Jade suddenly remembered something and sai

Jean thought she wouldn't have to buy a dress if she said that it wasn't suitable for her. But she never imagined that Jade would decide for her to buy it. She walked back into the fitting room, embarrassed. She took off the dress and handed it over to the attendant.

At the moment, she saw the look in the attendant's eyes was respectful.

She was hesitating about how she would deal with the bill. Immediately then Jade took out a golden card and handed it over to the attendant at the reception desk.

"Mom, how can I let you pay for it?" Jean stepped forward.

"Why can't I pay for it? Are we short of this tiny bit of money? Besides, what's wrong with mom buying her daughter-in-law a dress?" Jean didn't know how to argue to that. She accepted it in the end.

But she felt so guilty in her heart. She and Zed were actually acting before his parents. But now she not only cheated Jade but also got her to buy expensive clothes for her.

Although the Qis were not short of money, Jean still felt very guilty. How would they react when they found out the truth?

Would they think of her as a bad woman?

They then moved to the other shops and bought several clothes. Jade also bought herself some stuff. She talked to Jean about Zed and told her his childhood stories as they were smiling and going around shopping.

In one afternoon only, they both felt that their relationship evolved so much.

After about two hours, they were tired of all the shopping.

Jade took a look at her watch and said, "Let's go downstairs. In another ten minutes, Luke will come and pick us up."

She had asked Luke to park the car in front of the entrance of the shopping mall at 4 o'clock.

Jean nodded as they headed to the elevator. But to her surprise, they ran into someone they shouldn't have met halfway.

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