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   Chapter 104 Won't You Let Me In

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Soon, the atmosphere became tense. Zed sat beside them. They didn't think that Zed would be able to answer that question in a short while. He only hesitated for a few seconds and then said: "I fell in love with her at the first sight!"

Hearing that he had fallen in love with Jean at the first sight, everyone present there beside Zed seemed a little shocked. Jean didn't pay much attention to dressing up. She was not as beautiful and outstanding as Selena but she was indeed decently pretty.

The CEO of the Qi Group had pretty unique taste in women.

For rich men, falling in love at the first sight with a woman who was not very pretty was perhaps unusual.

Ethan Lei took a sip of wine and got mad at Zed's reply. He dared not reveal the truth about Zed's marriage with Jean in public even when he knew that their marriage was nothing but a mere commercial transaction.

He pursed his lips and then gulped down a big sip of wine.

During this feast, it looked like Ethan was the only one drinking so much. It looked like he was here to get drunk only.

Jean was half full. When she looked around, she realized that Zed didn't eat too much despite him having a good appetite. The atmosphere around the dining table looked very lively. The director and Essen took turns proposing a toast to Ethan and Zed.

Jean got a little anxious when she realized that Ethan had already consumed over half a glass of spirit. 'Ethan couldn't hold his liquor. Would he get drunk later? He has already consumed a lot of liquor in such a short while.'

Zed who sat beside Jean, could see through her worried look. He then cast a quick glance at Jean without showing any jealousy. After lifting his tea cup, he took a gentle sip from it and then asked Jean in a bland voice, "Are you full?"

"What?" Jean looked up and stared at him in confusion.

"I want to know if you are full or not?" Jean knew that something big was about to happen, although Zed's tone of voice was totally calm and composed.

She nodded and responded: "Yea, I'm full."

Before they left, Zed said, "Enjoy your meal. Me and my wife are going back to the hotel." Zed said with a straight face after putting his tea cup down on the table.

"Mr. Qi, are you leaving?" It seemed that the director didn't expect Zed to leave in such a hurry. Thus, he rose immediately from his chair and ran over to persuade him to stay further.

"Mr. Qi. It is so hard for us to get together. Why are you leaving so early?

"My wife is sleepy." He replied with an excuse in a very neutral tone. However, his reply still sounded like an order that shouldn't

t." Judging from his pale face, Jean guessed that he must be very uncomfortable after the hangover.

"Oh! I see......" She pursed her lips, but didn't know what to say.

Both of them just stood there still for quite a while without saying anything to each other. The situation became more and more embarrassing. Meanwhile, the air around them seemed to be a bit frozen.

"Wouldn't you let me in?" Ethan knew that Zed had already left. At that moment, he only wanted to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her.

Jean felt a little embarrassed. After all, they would be humiliated if others found out that they were both staying in the same room.

However, she felt it would be very cruel to keep him out since he looked so pale after last night's hangover.

"Come in and have a cup of tea." Coincidentally, she had tea with her. She initially wanted to send the tea to her master but she completely forgot probably because she got too busy with everything or maybe she was bothered by the trifles happening around her.

Jean brew a cup of tea for Ethan and handed it over to him: "Drinking leads to headache. You will feel better after drinking some tea."

Ethan held the cup and said thank you.

He took a gentle sip while the tea was still very hot. Then, he put the cup down on the tea table. He was staring at Jean with complex emotions and judging from his eyes, he still looked a little gloomy.

"Ethan, what's wrong?" Since he looked sad, Jean asked with concern.

Ethan kept silent for a moment. Even though he had something to tell Jean, he simply shook his head and said, "nothing."

In 10 minutes, he finished his tea and left. When he left, Jean felt a little confused as to why he behaved so awkwardly today.

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