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   Chapter 103 An Eventful Night

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Their hotel room was luxuriously decorated and well furnished. The sofa in the living room was wide enough for Jean to sleep in.

But where could she get something to eat?

As she stood contemplating her alternatives, Zed spoke, "I heard your stomach growl in the car. We saw some open diners near the parking. Would you like to grab a bite to eat?"

Jean was stunned. Considering the awkward circumstance in which he had found her at the shoot location, their unpleasant conversation in the car, and Zed's general grumpy mood, Jean hadn't expected him to pay attention to her needs. However, she was too hungry to deliberate the issue. The sooner they left, the quicker her stomach would thank her. And so, she just nodded and walked toward the door.

As soon as they stepped out of the hotel, Jean recalled that Zed had fallen ill the last time he ate at places like the diners at this tourist spot. Obviously, he wasn't accustomed to eating at roadside diners or barbecue stalls.

'What if he gets sick like he did the last time?' Jean looked around. She wanted to see if a fancier diner was open at this hour. It didn't make sense to ask Zed to accompany her only to then have him fall sick. She felt a little disappointed as the high-end eateries were closed. So perhaps, they were only open during the daytime.

The more lost Jean got in her thoughts, the more she lagged behind Zed.

"What's wrong?" Noticing that she was distracted, he stopped and turned around to ask.

"You felt unwell and even got food poisoning after the breakfast before our drive to Kim Village. I'm afraid..." She was used to eating at roadside diners. On the contrary, Zed had been pampered throughout his childhood. The food served to him must have been carefully and hygienically prepared.

His body was as fragile as a porcelain doll's. He would probably not enjoy the greasy food here either.

'What if he falls sick? Where will I find a doctor or a pharmacy?

What's more, the road is blocked. They couldn't get out at all. There was only a tourist spot here. What if...'

"Well! I'm not as delicate as you think. The food they made must have been unclean which is why I fell ill. Besides, so many people eat here safely. If something were to go wrong, I won't be the only one getting sick."


"Jean!" A person interrupted them.

Jean looked up. She found that a group of her colleagues were sitting by the door of a roadside diner. Ethan was waving to her eagerly. Was he seriously asking them to join him? Had he forgotten the confrontation with Zed earlier?

Jean had already smelled the food. Her stomach rumbled again to remind her that she had more important things to worry about. And so, she swallowed and said to Zed, "Since you think it's okay, let's go and eat."

She stood there and stared at him as if asking for permission.

Without saying an

Zed clearly heard their conversation. He raised his eyebrows meaningfully as he looked at Jean. Then his expression conveyed his displeasure.

Although Jean had been focusing on her food, Zed's glare was so cold that she felt a shiver run down her spine. She raised her head only to find Zed's cold eyes staring at her.

Zed spoke calmly. "Everything you do reflects on me. Please be more careful, okay?"

He whispered in her ear. His voice was so low that only Jean could hear him. But her mind was not paying attention to what Zed was saying. Instead, she was completely focused on how his hot breath tickled her ear, sending shivers of delight up and down her spine. As her body trembled, People sitting at the table thought they were flirting. So they didn't interrupt. They ate quietly and gave the young couple the privacy they needed.

Selena didn't enjoy the food that was served. Although she tried to hide her disgust, the expression on her exquisite face still exposed her thoughts.

She felt as though she had lost her appetite. She didn't want to try anything else on her plate.

She quietly cursed Essen for bringing her here. But Essen had convinced her by rationalizing that even though Zed was married, Ethan was not. She still had a chance to snag the affection of at least one rich and influential man.

And so, she had decided to join the crew for dinner.

However, she hadn't expected to see Zed. She was almost entirely focused on him, as if she were looking at a toy she particularly liked.

Seeing Jean eating with such childish pleasure, the infatuated expression on Selena's face gradually turned into a disdainful one.

"Mr. Qi, would you mind telling us how you and your wife met? That must be a very fascinating story!" Setting down her knife and fork, Selena looked at the couple with interest as she put forward her question.

Surprised, Jean didn't know how to answer.

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