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   Chapter 102 Together

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Upon hearing Zed's question, Jean felt goosebumps spreading across her body. She wondered, 'How can Zed say something so intimate in front of so many people?'

Jean bit her lip. At that moment, she hated Zed very much. She thought, 'I have to act in front of his parents at home. I'm fine with that. But now we are outside. Why should I still pretend to be a couple with him?

Zed is terrible for constantly putting me in these situations. What does he hope to accomplish with his unexpected appearance, his verbal fight with Ethan, and now this feigned concern and intimacy?'

"Hehehe, " Jean laughed in embarrassment before continuing, "Honey, what route did you take to get here? We were all just told that the mountain road is blocked. How did you manage to get past all the rubble?"

"The mountain road is blocked? I don't remember seeing any such disaster that would force the authorities to close the roads. I wonder if something happened after I passed a certain point." He raised his eyebrows, "Does this mean that we have to stay here tonight?" Zed closed his eyes after asking that question. He seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

"Yes, we have to stay here. Or so that's what we've been told." Jean bowed her head and thought, 'Today has been a terrible day!' As if their situation wasn't bad enough, now fate had to throw Zed into the mix. How was she going to deal with all these complications?

She was sure that since Zed was here, it would be impossible for her to have a peaceful night.

Ethan knew that Zed was deliberately pretending to be happy around Jean, so he didn't pay any attention to anything that was happening between the young couple.

At that time Ethan's assistant walked up to him and whispered, "I made a round of the neighborhood and found that there is a tourist spot about ten miles from here."

Although he spoke softly, yet all the people present had heard him.

"Jean, let's go there in my car, okay?" Ethan said.

Before Jean could reply, Zed wrapped his arms around her shoulder and smiled at Ethan, "Don't bother, Mr. Lei. She is my wife. Of course, she will be traveling with me."

Zed and Ethan glowered at each other. They looked calm on the outside. But in fact, extreme hatred reflected in their eyes.

Even the crew standing around could sense that the two were jealous of each other.

In Selena's eyes, she was more beautiful and talented than Jean. She was still simmering over how these rich and powerful men were fighting over Jean.

As an international superstar, Selena thought that she was far more excellent than Jean in all aspects. She was sure that she could easily trample over Jean based on appearance alone. However, she didn't expect to be passed over by such a rebarbative woman. Since her meetings with both Ethan and Ze

He stared at Jean as he wondered, 'Are they sleeping in separate rooms?'

Zed frowned before turning and glaring at Jean. Then he said to Essen, "She was asking whether you have arranged rooms for her boss, Sonny and the other crew members."

"Oh, I see." Essen's eyes widened when he heard Zed's explanation. Perhaps he had misunderstood Jean's question. He was a little disappointed as well. If Jean and Zed were sleeping in separate rooms, Selena would have an opportunity to try and win Zed's affections. However, that might not be possible anymore.

"Don't worry. I've taken care of all that. Mr. Qi, it's already late. I am leaving to tell the others. Have a good night!" After that, he headed in the direction of the other cars and began handing out the room cards.

Zed's explanation made Jean realize that she had spoken thoughtlessly. They were a married couple. Obviously, what she had just said would certainly cause people to ask some questions about their relationship.

"Maybe I'm just too tired today, so I..." For fear of making the situation worse, Jean stopped and didn't say anything more.

"Even if there were no other people around, we would still have to sleep in the same room!" Zed looked at her coldly as he spoke.

He said it in such an authoritative tone that Jean couldn't argue with him.

Jean had no choice but to enter the hotel with him, though she was reluctant to do so.

Ethan began looking for Jean after he had parked. Essen had given him a room card and he thought of giving it to Jean. However, the moment he arrived at the entrance of the hotel, he saw Jean enter the elevator with Zed.

He watched morosely as the elevator doors closed. Then he lowered his eyes to look at the ground.

Essen had certainly booked the best room at this hotel for Zed. It was a very large suite, with a bedroom and a living room.

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