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   Chapter 101 Did You Miss Me

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She was so shocked that she almost dropped the fork in her hand onto the ground.

"It seems that a business trip gives you an appetite."

A cold face appeared in front of them. The people standing around Jean were all surprised by his appearance. None of them had thought that they would see him here.

Jean was so startled that her mouth opened wide enough to fill in a fist. Thinking that she had imagined his appearance, Jean shook her head.

Perhaps she was just so tired that she was seeing things that weren't really there. And so Jean closed her eyes and rubbed them. But when she opened her eyes again, he was still standing in front of her.

"What ... what are you doing here?" Jean's hands trembled as she put the fork back into the pasta bowl. She still hadn't processed that he had come to the location.

Her heart was racing and an overwhelming sense of guilt flooded Jean. She didn't even dare to look into his eyes.

"You don't want me here?" Instead of answering her, Zed asked a question. He raised his eyebrows as he waited for her to reply. Although there wasn't much to be upset about, he didn't like Jean's reaction when she saw him. She seemed unhappy. That had upset Zed.

"No, no..." Jean swallowed as she felt a shiver run down her spine. Zed was dangerous and hard to deal with in situations that involved Ethan. She had been startled by Zed's appearance as she had never imagined that he would come here. This was, after all, her work, a remote location, and the road had been blocked because of a landslide. So how could he have turned up here?

Upon hearing their conversation, the onlookers quietened immediately. They had been standing around in groups, chatting quite lively. But it had become exceptionally quiet. Only a few people who were standing far were still unaware of what was happening, and so, they continued speaking with each other.

Ethan had never thought that Zed would show up here. Seeing his rival, Ethan was surely displeased, but there was little he could do.

He put on a dark expression and said in an extremely cold tone, "Does Mr. Qi come here just to keep an eye on Jean?"

Once the director had realized who had come on set, he ran over to them. "Mr. Qi, " he gasped before continuing, "How come you are here? I had asked the vice director to contact you earlier, but he only could get in touch with your secretary. You should have told us that you were coming so that we could have sent someone to pick you up in time."

Selena who had been grumpy because of the pasta incident, perked up. Zed Qi, the CEO of Qi Group and also the richest most eligible bachelor was on her set! Was it her imagination o

ested in my wife."

'Gosh!' Jean held her breath. He said those words in front of so many people. What would they think of her? To them, it looked as if he was here because he couldn't trust her.

Jean knew that if Ethan and Zed got into a real fight, she would not be able to stop them for her physical strength would not be a match to theirs.

She turned to John for help, but he seemed disinterested. He just ignored her.

The situation turned extremely serious since Ethan and Zed seemed to be fighting verbally. Selena was also angry but she couldn't show it. She knew that she needed to stay calm and act like nothing had happened.

However, the more she thought about how these two outstanding men were willing to fight against each other for someone like Jean ...

"Um ... heh, heh, heh, I didn't expect you to come here. I'm so glad you are here. I really am. Honey, you've become more humorous recently!"

Since John chose not to help, it was up to Jean to break the embarrassing fight.

By using endearing words like honey, it sounded like Jean was showing off her love for Zed.

The director smiled at once, "Mr. Qi, I didn't imagine that you would be so concerned about your wife. And I didn't realize that Sonny's apprentice is your wife. All these are very good reasons to celebrate!"

Zed nodded calmly but didn't change his expression nor tone, "I'll invest more in this movie after returning to the city." It seemed as though the director's words had pleased him.

Upon hearing that he would invest more, the director's eyes shone with greed.

Zed turned to face Jean again. His expression was calm but those deep, dark eyes held a warning.

Somehow Jean had this unshakable feeling that something bad was going to happen.

"Did you miss me?"

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