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   Chapter 100 I Have To Work On Location Tonight

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Jean turned around. When she realized that John had spoken, she felt relieved.

"I saw you walk in here when I was on the phone. What happened? It seems as though you are nervous about having Ethan here, isn't it?" John said with a smile while he was walking towards Jean.

Jean was not in the mood to joke. She frowned and said, "I was really anxious about Ethan's behavior. Why do you make fun of me?"

"Am I? You have been avoiding him. Are you afraid that Zed will find out and be furious?" John continued teasing. There was no way that he was going to miss this opportunity.

Jean didn't want to continue the conversation. And so she sighed and changed the topic, "I only hope I can finish work as soon as possible and then go home!"

Zed hadn't given her a call since Jean left for this trip.

Well...... Zed wasn't obligated to call her. However, Jean somehow felt disappointed.

Since Sonny had decided to take the photos, Jean had thought that they would complete the assignment sooner. However, things didn't go that way. They worked throughout the day.

Jean had been on her feet for so long that she felt as though her legs were weak and she would fall. The soles of her feet hurt so much that she couldn't stand anymore either.

Ethan brought water for her at regular intervals during the day. But, Jean refused to accept his help.

By the time they finished shooting, it was dark outside. Jean's hopes rose when she thought that they'd be able to leave now. However, the agent informed them that they were required to take some night scene photos as well. Jean's shoulders sagged in disappointment. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't stop thinking about returning to her hotel and lying on her soft king-size bed. Just the thought made her eyes droopy. Jean glanced around to see the reaction of the rest of her crew. Since Sonny and John hadn't complained about the extra work, she didn't see the point of doing so, either.

Jean had thought Ethan would go back to his hotel after work, but he didn't. Ethan and Selena had to work on a group of photos after finishing photos of the night scene. Jean really didn't feel satisfied with the agent's arrangement.

Finally, the day ended for Jean and her colleagues. Everyone lined up to get into the bus that would take them to the next spot. Jean climbed in and looked around. She smiled when she saw an empty seat near the window. Jean sat down and rested her head against the window. Since it would take about an hour to drive to the spot, Jean decided she should use this opportunity to rest. Jean didn't even know when she fell asleep.

The ring tone of her phone woke her. Jean swiped to answer the call and said groggily, "Hello, who is this?" Zed could tell from her unsteady voice that she was very sleepy.

"Were you asleep?" Zed asked. Zed's voice was so cold that Jean's head cleared instantly. So she asked carefull

ds incredibly good.'

Looking at Jean's expression, John shot her a dark look as if he were saying, 'Don't change your mind just for a pasta dish!'

However, Jean didn't care. At this very moment she was so very hungry that Jean rationalized that it was not wrong to accept the food that Ethan had made for her. She thought, 'Ethan and I are not enemies. Why can't I accept some food?

The dish smells delicious.'

When Selena saw the pasta, she got up from her chair and walked over to where Jean and Ethan sat. Selena was surprised by how good the food looked and smelled. She hadn't expected Ethan to have such skills in the kitchen. And so she said, "Surprisingly, you can cook!"

"I learned how to cook when I was abroad."

"Then, is this pasta for..." Selena asked. She wanted to confirm whether or not the food had been made for her.

"Jean was hungry, so I made it for her. I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty to use the ingredients in your van." Ethan clarified apologetically before Selena could finish her sentence.

Selena had thought that the pasta had been made for her. To her surprise, Ethan had cooked it for Jean. Selena felt a little awkward. Despite her feelings, Selena didn't want to embarrass herself. And so she said "No" as she smiled.

When Jean realized that Selena wanted the pasta, she swallowed and offered the food to her, and said, "Miss Selena, would you like to have some?"

Selena was startled by Jean's thoughtfulness. Her expression was sullen for a second. But she changed it back into a feigned smile before anyone noticed. Then Selena shook her head and said, "No thanks. This was made for you. Enjoy!"

After Selena declined, Jean decided to eat the dish herself.

Just as Jean dug into the bowl of steaming hot pasta, she heard a familiar gruffly voice. Everyone was stunned by who had come to the location, including Jean. The pasta-filled fork in Jean's hand trembled.

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