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   Chapter 99 Last Night, You…

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"I won't give up no matter what you say or do to me." Ethan fiercely said while he looked at Jean. He looked like he had already made up his mind.

Jean stepped back. Ethan's hands slid down from Jean's shoulder.

Jean took out a credit card from her handbag and handed it to him. "I borrowed money from you before. I was able to save some in this credit card. I will pay you the rest when I receive my salary."

"What are you doing?" Ethan looked slightly furious.

"I don't want to owe you anything." Jean said softly with a firm tone. She didn't want to talk any more with Ethan. So, she turned around and walked towards the hotel.

Ethan stood still in the darkness with the credit card he tightly held.

Ethan slowly looked down. His eyes lost their glow and eventually turned dim.

The next morning arrived. John called Jean and instructed her to go to the film studio. The moment she arrived, Jean found out that Sonny had already been there. Selena, who had been known as a dedicated actress, was already in the film studio too.

Without John's call to wake her up, Jean might still be lying on her bed. Jean felt guilty and blamed herself about it. Sonny was so good to her, yet she failed to be diligent at her work.

"Jean, come here." Sonny waved his hand and signaled Jean to come to him.


"You might already know this lady, but I will still introduce her to you. Jean, this is Selena." Sonny introduced Selena to Jean.

Jean was a bit confused. She wondered why Sonny introduced her to Selena. Jean felt flattered by Sonny's kind gesture. She smirked and said, "Hello! I'm Jean Wen. It's nice to meet you."

"Hello." Selena wore a gentle facial expression. She reached her hand to shake Jean's.

What other people said was true. Selena was kind to everyone. Even though she was a super star, she didn't act arrogantly.

"Jean is my apprentice. She is a very talented photographer. Would you mind if she assists me in the photo shoot today?" Sonny politely asked Selena.

Selena looked at Jean from head to toe. She smiled gently and said, "No problem. I believe that the apprentice you personally brought here is absolutely excellent."

Jean still kept smiling. Then, a thought suddenly crossed her mind. She remembered that Maranda liked Selena so much. 'Should I

d Selena's question and said, "She's my ex-girlfriend. But now, she always tries to get away from me every time she sees me. Do I look so frightening? What do you think?"

Selena and her assistant were shocked after they heard what Ethan said. Selena's facial expression turned a bit sour. Then she surprisingly asked, "Ex-girlfriend?" She could hardly believe it. She didn't expect that the ex-girlfriend of Lei Group's general manager was just an ordinary woman.

Moreover, it seemed that Ethan thought about Jean constantly.

Selena felt a bit angry all of a sudden. She thought that such an ordinary woman was a misfit for Ethan. The woman that should be by his side should be a charming woman like her.

Selena's assistant was also disappointed. The Lei Group had been a well-known company. It was even part of the top ten companies that year. He invited Ethan to go to the film studio because he intended to pair him to Selena.

Unexpectedly, Ethan's ex-girlfriend disrupted his plan. He was worried that Ethan may not pay the sponsorship fees for the next quarter. Jean was quite ordinary. She was nothing compared to Selena.

Meanwhile, Jean was walking around the studio. Everything was all set up. They could start the photo shoot after they put make-up on Selena. Jean felt bored after she had done all her job. However, she couldn't go out.

What if she go out and meet Ethan again? It was quite embarrassing for her to talk with Ethan in front of many people.

"Why are you alone here? What are you thinking about?"

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