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   Chapter 98 Why Are You Hiding From Me

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Jean couldn't stand the silence any more. Luckily, the waiter came and served the dishes. Jean initiated a conversation and said, "Hmm, I haven't introduced you to each other yet. Ethan, this is John, assistant of boss Sonny and… "

"We've met a couple of times before." Ethan said before Jean could even finish her words.

Jean paused and realized that Ethan and their company had been working together. It was just normal if they knew each other already.

She could hardly remember anything.

Embarrassed, Jean said no more. During the following dinner time, they were eating quietly.

She never thought she would be eager to finish what she was eating. John ordered ten dishes even if they were only three people there. It seemed that they won't be able to eat it all up even though she was hungry.

They sat by the table and ate for a long while already. Yet, there were still five barely touched dishes.

"John, you seem to have a good appetite today. How about eating more?" Jean anxiously asked after she saw that there were so many dishes left on the table.

John seemed to recognize that Jean wanted to leave immediately. He calmly said, "I don't know what Mr. Lei likes to eat. So I ordered all foods that look delicious. I thought that both of you got good appetite. I couldn't believe that you just slightly ate."

Ethan was looking at Jean all the time. After he heard what John said, he simply replied, "That's alright! I'm not a picky eater, just like Jean."

He said as he picked a slice of meat up and put it into Jean's plate. Then, Ethan said with concern, "Have some more. You are getting thinner. If you continue to eat like that, you will soon become a skeleton."

"Thank you." Jean forced a smile. She was already full. She couldn't help but belch after she looked at the slice of meat in her plate.

Their table turned awkwardly quiet again after she belched.

John and Ethan both looked at her with a shock in their eyes.

Jean's face immediately turned red. She just belched in front of two men. How embarrassing!

She instantly lowered her head. She desperately wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide inside it that time.

She had never done something as embarrassing as that. What's more? She had done it in front of two men.

"Haha! It seems like Jean is already full. I'll

She prevented herself from remembering those days when they were together. She didn't want to recall how she badly got hurt that time. She still felt heartbroken every time she saw him though. Nonetheless, the past should stay in the past no matter what.

"I know that you hated me because of that, Jean. Let's get those days back and try again." He said with expectations in his eyes.

Jean looked down. She didn't want to look at Ethan in his eyes. Then she coldly said, "Ethan, you know what? There's no cure for regret in this world. Even if you exerted a lot of effort just to solve this issue, it would still be useless."

Ethan saw that Jean had a cold heart for him. It made him more upset. Two years ago, he thought that Jean was just one of those women who suddenly appeared in his life.

But after they broke up, he felt that he had something missing deep in his heart. He didn't realize that it was Jean he had lost, until he met her again.

Ethan's company was one of the investors for Selena's movie. A week before, Ethan was invited to go to their film studio to check if the scenes looked great. He had already assigned one of his executives to take his place and check the studio.

However, when he heard that Sonny was invited to shoot, he thought that Jean might come along with Sonny. So, he immediately bought a plane ticket arriving the same day with them. He couldn't let that opportunity pass. It turned out that his hard works paid off.

He worked so hard just to see her again. He couldn't just easily let her go.

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