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   Chapter 97 Put On A Full Play

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"You said that we should act like a real couple, didn't you? Aren't you afraid that people might see you while you throw me out now?" Jean said. She turned her eyes at him, fastened her seat belt and seated in front comfortably.

Zed didn't make any comment.

He surprisingly didn't throw her out that day. Instead, he drove her straight to the company she worked in.

Jean politely expressed her gratitude to him before she left.

That morning, after her boss had finished the meeting, they went away to catch their twelve o'clock plane to Selena's film studio. Selena had a full schedule. She was mostly on the set; perhaps, eleven months out of twelve.

The film studio had already been set up. The scene was ready for the photo shoot of the promotion of the film. It was said that billions were invested for the film and for the promotion. Thus, the photos should to be extremely perfect.

Their plane arrived at their destination at one thirty o'clock. A chauffeur was there to pick them up.

Three people were there for that trip - Jean, John and Sonny.

After they checked in to the hotel, they prepared to have a lunch nearby. Then, they went straight to the studio.

Jean was a little nervous because it was her first time to see a film super star.

John noticed her covert excitement and couldn't help but laugh, "It seems like you are going on a date with someone you really like."

"Date? Are you kidding?" Jean disagreed.

"You seem like a sensible and intelligent person. I didn't expect you to be a star chaser." John said easily. However, what he said annoyed Jean.

She rolled her eyes at him furiously and asked, "I am not a star chaser. Aren't you excited to see Selena in person? She is like a goddess here in our country. It's impossible for you not to like such kinds of beautiful women with a perfectly figured body."

"I definitely don't like that kind of women." John said.

She was a little surprised and sighed. "I feel pity for you."

"For what?"


Ten minutes later, Jean's wish was granted. She saw Selena, the goddess of the nation. She was indeed as beautiful as what she was on TV. Jean had thought before that the image

hn just had his usual attitude. He acted as if the situation didn't matter to him.

Though she was a bit mad, she had no choice but to agree and let Ethan join them for dinner.

They randomly picked a restaurant. As soon as they found seats for themselves, the waiter brought them the menu. Ethan seemed to be happy. He gave the menu to Jean and said, "Jean, we haven't had dinner together for a while."

"Yeah. It has been a long time, indeed." Then, she passed the menu to John and said, "I don't know what to eat. Can you order for us?"

John took the menu easily and ordered a lot of dishes. There were about ten dishes. Jean hadn't even heard most of those dishes.

She was surprised. Only the three of them would have a dinner. She wondered why John ordered so many dishes. John didn't eat a lot last time she had dinner with him.

"Jean, what are you doing on this trip?" Ethan asked.

"My boss has a job here. I'm here to assist him." Jean answered blankly.

"I heard that Sonny would come to shoot promotional photos for a big film star. Is that true?" Ethan leaned on the sofa and asked lazily.

"Yes. That's right!"

"So... We are indeed destined to meet." Ethan grinned and showed a vague expression on his handsome face.


"Nothing. Have some drink." He took the juice that the waiter had just brought and gave it to Jean.

After few seconds, the atmosphere around turned dead silent. Nobody spoke even a single word.

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