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   Chapter 96 Why Are You Closing The Curtains

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Maranda looked really cute when she put her chin on her fists while she was staring at John with her misty, blinking eyes.

She was so adorable that no man could resist her charm. Her warm smile could even melt a man's heart, except for John's. "No way!" John replied coldly.

After she heard what John said, Jean just sat blank-faced and swallowed. It was as if she vaguely heard a heart-breaking voice.

John raised his eyebrows and said, "But Jean, you may have the chance to visit the film studio with our boss tomorrow."

"Me?" Jean could hardly believe what she heard. She stared at him with her eyes wide-open.

"Our boss genuinely cares about you." John gave her a mean smile and continued, "You better try and meet his expectations."

On that whole afternoon, Jean's mind was floating in the air. 'It will be my privilege to visit the film studio with boss Sonny.' Jean thought to herself.

Selena, an international super star, was said that she had accepted an exclusive interview by a Hollywood reporter.

Jean had always enjoyed watching TV series in which she starred. Jean was even almost tempted by her delicate and beautiful face.

She was not asked to go to her boss's office until the end of the day. John was right. She was not asked to attend her duty, because her boss wanted her to prepare for a two-day business trip with him next morning.

Jean could barely contain her excitement after she heard it. However, the thought of being out for two days suddenly stucked in her mind.

'Will Zed's parents get disappointed? They just came back from abroad. Will they feel upset if I have a business trip these days?' She pondered carefully.

Jean felt uneasy all her way back home. In the house, Jade was watching TV while eating some fruits in the living room. A smile beamed on her face as soon as she saw Jean got inside their house. "Welcome back, Jean! Why didn't Zed come back with you?" Didn't he pick you up?"

"Well... He was so busy with his work. So, I went home earlier." Jean looked around the living room and asked, "Where is dad? Isn't he home?"

"We were invited to attend dinners and parties as soon as we got back. I don't like crowded places. So he went to attend the dinner alone." Jade explained to her.

Jean put her handbag down and sat beside Jade. Jade handed her the tray full of fruits and said, "Have some fruit."

"Thank you, mom." Jean replied with a slight smile. Then she picked up a grape and put it inside her mouth.

"Did you enjoy your romantic night with Zed last night?" Jade asked. She looked so interested and enthusiastic to hear a

. But, Zed unexpectedly had locked the door with just a click already.

"Why did you lock the door?" Jean turned more attentive and asked.

"I don't want to be distracted." Zed replied.

"What do you want?"

"I want to sleep with you." After that, Zed went to the bathroom to have a shower.

Jean turned red and felt embarrassed all of a sudden after she heard his words.

'Is he out of his mind?' Jean thought.

While Zed was in the bathroom, Jean was thinking about how she could toss Zed away from her. But even if she could escape from that bedroom, where else would she go?

'What if I sleep in the guest room tonight? Yet, consequently, it will cause serious trouble if Zed's parents will find out what I do tonight.' Jean thought.

Jean was on pins and needles after she saw Zed getting out from the bathroom.

Jean closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. 'No one likes to have sex with a sleeping woman. He will set me free if I am sleeping.' Jean thought. Her actions only proved that she was too naive. Zed was a beast clothed like a human. Even if Jean was sleeping, he could force a sexual intercourse with her.

Jean was quite exhausted after what she and Zed intimately did. When she woke up the next morning, she felt her whole body aching. She also felt a pain in her abdomen. It was like she was hit by a truck. 'Was it because of our indulgence in sex that he forced me to do that caused me this pain?' Jean thought.

After she had her breakfast, Jean bid farewell to Zed's parents and immediately left with Zed. Before Zed could say anything, Jean had already gotten into his car. She only carried a luggage that contained some of her clothes.

"How dare you get into my car without my permission?"

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