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   Chapter 95 Shoot For The Popular Star

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Jean watched him for a while and then turned to lie on her back. What did this man feel about her? It looked as if he didn't care and didn't love her. But what he did contradicted that impression.

She shook her head. Jean always overthought everything. And this time was no different. 'How could it be possible for this man to love me? If I hadn't been hurt because of him, he wouldn't feel guilty enough to buy the medicines.'

She closed her eyes and kept contemplating the situation. Eventually, she fell asleep.

The next morning, she heard a noise from the kitchen. She changed her clothes and stepped out of the bedroom. Jean was surprised to see that breakfast had already been served on the table in the living room.

Porridge, fried eggs, and noodles.

Only this much? It was much worse than the breakfast she had in Zed's house yesterday. She suddenly remembered that Zed only knew how to cook simple food. She pursed her lips as she turned toward the bathroom.

When she got out, two cups of milk had been added to the breakfast spread.

"Have some breakfast." Zed frowned as he looked at what he had placed on the table. He seemed pretty displeased.

"What's wrong with you?" She asked with confusion as she sat down and grabbed the cup of milk. She took a slow sip as she waited for Zed to reply.

He took a bite of the egg reluctantly before looking up, "When you stay in my villa, my fridge is full of food, but there's nothing to eat in your fridge."

As soon as he finished speaking, Jean realized that he was upset because of how bare her fridge was. Looking at the breakfast on the table, she noticed that this was all that she had in the house. She smiled with embarrassment and explained, "I usually eat outside after getting off work. So I don't keep too much food in the fridge."

Zed pulled a face as he chewed on the egg he had just shoveled into his mouth. He put down the knife and the fork in his hands and then stood.

"Where are you going?" Jean asked surprised.

"Home!" Zed said curtly.

She raised her eyebrows, 'He is going back home for breakfast?' Jean continued to dig into her porridge. Although he didn't know how to cook many dishes, the porridge Zed made was good.

"Your leg is hurt. You should stay at home. Pack your things and I'll bring you to the villa." Zed said as he trashed the food in his plate.

Jean was dazed for a second. She raised her head and glanced at Zed. Though her thigh was swollen and it hurt to walk, it shouldn't stop her from normal activities. Wouldn't it be silly if she didn't go to work because of a minor injury?

But she knew that if

"I used to have a cup of coffee here when I got tired from work."

Seeing they were chatting so happily, Maranda felt dejected, "Jean, you joined only a month before me, am I correct? How come... you two are so familiar with each other?"

Jean knew that Maranda had feelings for John. She was afraid that Maranda might misunderstand her relationship with John, and so she explained, "We had a chance to eat together earlier. I was told by someone close to John that he likes quiet places. Since this is the quietest place in the company, I only had a guess that he used to come here."

"Now I get it." She sighed in relief before turning to John and asking with a subtle tilt of her head, "John, if you like quiet, I can introduce a book shop to you. I go there every weekend. It is pretty quiet there."

"I don't like reading." He replied lightly and turned to Jean, "There will be a big assignment tomorrow."

Maranda was upset at how abruptly John had turned down her friendly offer. With nothing to do while Jean and John spoke, she played with her fingers.

"A big assignment?"

"Yes, it's Selena Miao."

"Selena Miao?" Maranda and Jean said with excitement at the same time. Selena was a popular star who had acted in a lot of movies and TV series!

Presumably only masters like Sonny would be invited to shoot for her.

Maranda seemed to be more excited than Jean. She asked happily, "Is Selena going to come here? Can I ask her for an autograph ..."

"She's not coming here." John replied.

"Oh." Maranda lowered her head in disappointment. But she suddenly remembered something. A hint of expectation arose in her eyes, "Since our boss is going, you will be accompanying him. Could you please ask her for an autograph for me?"

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