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   Chapter 93 Zed Flirted With Jean When She Was Injured

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Jean's mind was a chaotic mess of thoughts. As she sat in the car, she wondered how she ended up like this. It was clear that she wanted to get Zed into trouble, but somehow she found herself in a predicament.

"Hey! Do you really plan on not going back to the villa tonight?" She asked tentatively.

"Isn't this what you suggested? You wished to enjoy a romantic night with me." Zed's deep voice and flirtatious banter enchanted Jean.

Jean scratched her head and said, "When did I say that I wanted to enjoy a romantic night with you?"

"Oh, so now you feign innocence? How about we go back to the villa and have this conversation in front of my parents?" Before Jean could reply, Zed had climbed out off the car. He seemed ready to go back to the villa.

"No, no, no!" Jean stopped him. "It doesn't matter. Since we can't return tonight, you can go wherever you want to go. I will go back to my little apartment. I hope you enjoy yourself." After saying that, Jean wore the seat belt.

"You don't get to decide what I am going to do!" Zed said sternly before putting the car into drive and speeding away.

He was driving so fast that Jean was scared. She closed her eyes and firmly grasped the handle of the car with both her hands. Ten minutes later, the car gradually began slowing down.

Feeling the reduction in speed, Jean opened her eyes. She found that she had been so frightened that she had broken into a cold sweat!

'Was this man mad? How could Zed drive like this? What if there was a car in front of them and he didn't brake in time? Then I would have died in a car crash at such a young age.'

Jean placed a hand on her chest to calm her racing heart. Then she turned to look outside the window. Her eyes widened in surprise when she noticed that they were parked in front of the community next to her apartment.

"How do you know that I wanted to collect my clothes?" Jean muttered out loud in surprise. She hadn't told Zed why she made all those excuses at the villa. How did he guess?

Zed didn't answer her question. Instead, he drove to the door of the community where Jean lived, pulled into a parking spot and turned off the engine.

"Thank you for escorting me home, goodbye!" Jean rushed out of the car and ran toward her home. It seemed as though she was trying to run away from Zed.

As soon as she stepped into the elevator, Jean uttered a sigh of relief. She closed her eyes and wished the doors would close quickly. However, just as the elevator doors had nearly closed, a foot stopped their movement.

A familiar and handsome face


"No, I want to change by myself!" Jean puckered her lips. She looked like a stubborn child who was on the verge of throwing a tantrum because she didn't get her way. "It's your fault that I'm injured. Keep your hands to yourself!"

Zed ignored her childishness and said sternly, "Do you want me to change them for you or can you change by yourself?"

"I am perfectly capable, thank you very much. You can leave now!" Jean gritted her teeth as she spoke.

"You have only one minute. Change your clothes!" That said, Zed didn't turn around and walk toward the door. 'Does he intend on staying and watching?' Jean's eyes widened in surprise.

She knew that Zed wouldn't change his decision easily. If he didn't want to go out, no amount of arguing would convince him otherwise. And so she sighed in defeat, grabbed the dress he had found, and pulled the quilt over herself. If he wanted to be stubborn, the least she could do was not make it easier for him. What Jean didn't realize was that with her injuries, it would take a long time for her to change her clothes.

As Jean pushed the quilt away, her hair became an entangled mess. Embarrassed, she tried smoothening her hair. Messy hair, crimson cheeks, and a small but determined pout endeared Jean to Zed. He couldn't help smiling broadly.

He seemed to linger on purpose. Nothing else in the world was important enough to take him away from this scene.

"Why are you laughing at me? I fell down because of you. And there you stand, taking pleasure in my misfortune!" Jean yelled at Zed while clutching her thighs.

Jean's eyebrows were furrowed. It seemed that she was in severe pain. Zed stopped smiling and approached Jean, "Let me have a look!"

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