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   Chapter 92 Then Tonight, We Are Not Coming Back

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Mandy was being very rude when she implied that Jean would be considered second hand if she was dumped by Zed.

It was a ridiculous notion!

Jean was about to contradict Mandy when the car screeched to a halt. Both she and Mandy were thrown forward abruptly. Fortunately, they didn't get hurt.

"Ethan, what's ..."

"Miss Chen, I've brought you this far. You should be able to call a cab and go home by yourself." Ethan spoke calmly, however, his expression was extremely cold.

Both, Mandy and Jean were startled.

"But... Ethan, I haven't reached home yet. Didn't you ..."

"Sorry. I'm in a hurry to take Jean to her company. Could you please get off here?" Ethan stared out of the windscreen and didn't look at Mandy as he spoke.

Mandy froze in place as she understood what was happening. She clenched her teeth. Although she was angry, she couldn't get mad in front of Ethan. She had to get out of the car. Even before she had closed the door properly, the car sped away.

There was nothing left for Mandy to do except swat away the dust plumes that were left behind by the speeding car. She hadn't even gotten the chance to ask Ethan when they could get together again!

Jean's day had started off on a bad note. As the day progressed, her situation seemed to be getting worse, first with the awkward breakfast incident, the notions Sean had about working women, the way Zed left her on the side of the road, and the encounter with Ethan and Mandy. However, Jean now felt a smile coming on. What Ethan had done soothed her. She looked around and asked, "Didn't you say that it's not easy to grab a cab here? Aren't you afraid that she might get angry because you dropped her in the middle of nowhere?"

"I don't care whether or not Mandy is upset by what I did." Ethan muttered as he focused on the road. When Jean didn't reply, he glanced at her in the rearview mirror, "Weren't you going to cut off from Zed? What changed your mind?"

She lowered her eyes and said, "Ethan, that is my business. I'm running late. Could you please drive faster?"

Unhappy with Jean's reply, Ethan stayed silent as he stepped on the accelerator.

When Ethan pulled up in front of the company building, it was five minutes to nine. Jean had no time to thank Ethan as she flew out of the car, rushed through the doors toward the machine, and clocked in. It was only then that she leaned against the wall and sighed in relief.

There was a lot of work to do today. Jean didn't leave her desk except

itchen. Sean walked to the living room. Luke followed Zelda and asked her to make a pot of tea.

"Dad, mom, we are going to have dinner outside." She grabbed Zed's arm, widened her eyes, and looked at Zed. She seemed to be imploring him to play along.

Jade turned, "You are going out for dinner?"

"No." Zed answered in confusion before glaring at Jean.

"Hmm?" Jade was puzzled and looked at Jean.

Jean put on a big smile and looked at Zed with narrowed eyes, "Honey, didn't you tell me last week that you were going to take me to the new French restaurant? You also mentioned that it was hard to get a reservation and so you booked us a table a week in advance?"

Upon hearing the word, honey, Zed was stunned. He lowered his head to hide his surprised expression from his parents.

Jean continued to smile at Zed sweetly, but anger danced in her eyes.

On hearing that they were going out on a date, Jade was delighted. She knew that if they could facilitate their relationship, her grandson would come earlier. So she said with a big smile, "Then go ahead. And don't come back tonight! Have a great date. That way the chances of you getting pregnant will be higher! Your dad and I are looking forward to meeting our grandson."

The smile on Jean's face froze when she heard that. Jade was really open! She actually told them not to come back tonight. She ...

"All right, mom. Then tonight, we are not coming back." Zed wrapped an arm around Jean's shoulder and pulled her closer. He shot her a suggestive look. Jean shuddered at his flirtatious smile.

With no other alternative, Jean allowed Zed to lead her out of the house and into the car.

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