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   Chapter 91 There Was A Woman In The Front Passenger Seat

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Jean was very moved and grateful to her mother-in-law for sticking up for her. It was nice to have someone support her for a change. The woman Zed would marry after divorcing Jean would be extremely lucky!

It was a pity that...

At last, Zed stood and explained to his father, "I asked Jean to work. She used to get very bored at home every day. So I asked her to do what she likes so that she can feel productive."

Only after Zed's explanation did the tense atmosphere gradually ease off.

Jean looked at Zed in surprise. She had not expected him to speak on her behalf. So Zed's sudden action touched Jean.

"I must go to work now." Zed said to his parents before turning to Jean and saying, "Come, I'll drive you to your company." After saying this, Zed held Jean's hand and led her out of the Qi family villa.

Once outside the villa, Jean let out a long sigh of relief.

"Thank you for standing up for me." Jean pressed her lips as she waited for Zed to reply.

Zed just ignored her and got into his car.

Seeing that Zed remained arrogant and did not respond to her sincere gratitude, Jean pouted her lips and rolled her eyes to show her discontent. Then she turned to walk toward the gate of the villa.

When she looked at her watch, Jean realized that there wasn't much time left before she had to be at work. It was Monday, and the customary morning meeting would start at 9:30. Although Jean was just a newcomer who had been working for only a month or so, Sonny had specifically instructed that she attend all the meetings.

Jean picked up her pace when she thought that she would be late and that would upset Sonny. Zed drove past her slowly and stopped in front of Jean.

Zed lowered the car window and gave Jean an indifferent glance before saying, "Don't you know that when you are trying to deceive someone, you should make every effort to look and sound genuine? If my parents are watching, what will they think if they see us heading our separate ways? Aren't you afraid that your actions will cause them to doubt our relationship?"

On hearing what Zed had said, Jean raised her eyebrows. His assistance was exactly what she needed to get to work on time. A charming smile appeared on her face as she spoke, "Now that you have implied that our acting needs to continue, I will accept your offer to drive me to my company. Thanks a lot!"

"You want me to take you to your company? Keep dreaming!" Zed retorted once Jean had hopped into the car. Then he drove two kilometers from the villa and pulled over so Jean could get out.

Jean was rather angry by Zed's inconsiderate behavior. "You are a really hateful man, Zed! Just wait and see. When we both return home from work tonight, I will get my revenge!" She gritted her teeth and muttered as she watched Zed drive away. When her anger dissipated and anxiety settled in, Jean looked at the time.

It was already half past eight! There was only one hour left for Jean to reach her company, or she would be late for the meeting today.

'Oh gosh!' There was only little time left. Jean quickly thought of the fastest way to get to her company. Since the com

bad mood. On thinking that Jean Wen and Zed Qi had made up, he felt bitter.

'Just because I don't play your games, do you think you can keep trying to humiliate me?' Jean thought.

Jean hated women who caused trouble without a valid reason. She wondered why women like Mandy kept trying to meddle in her affairs and cause trouble, when she had never done anything to annoy them!

So Jean took a deep breath, raised her eyebrows, and said, "My husband has considered buying a car for me. But I have always been hesitant about driving. Since I am afraid of driving, he gave up the idea of buying me a car. Tell me something, Miss Chen, why do you seem to be so interested in my personal life?"

"No, no. I am just wondering what kind of life a woman can expect after marrying a man from a wealthy family. I feel that my life in the future will be like yours... Haha..." Mandy giggled in a feigned embarrassment before glancing at Ethan shyly. Then she continued, "I just want to learn from you."

"Just eat fragrantly, drink happily and sleep well." Jean's answer seemed to be perfect as Mandy was rendered speechless.

For a long time, no one spoke.

Jean was relieved at the reprieve. However, her happiness did not last as Mandy used bitter sarcasm to attack Jean again.

"Since your husband loves and cares about you so much, how could he be willing to let you walk to work?" Mandy feigned ignorance and asked Jean with curiosity.

This question really baffled Jean.

She did not know how to answer. After all, Zed had thrown her out of the car! How could she explain that to Mandy?

"Doesn't your husband treat you well? Did you lie earlier?" Mandy raised her eyebrows slightly to show the disdain she felt. A smile crept onto her bright red lips. She didn't stop for Jean to reply. Instead, she kept talking, "Once a woman gets married, it becomes harder and harder to keep the husband engaged. Sometimes, men fall out of love with their wives. If you are dumped by Zed Qi, you will become an outcast. And it will be almost impossible for you to find another man to rely on."

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