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   Chapter 90 We have Enough Money For You To Spend!

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Did he forget what Jean had suffered in the past? Jean had been badly hurt by the Wen family. Although the wounds on her body had healed, she was still plagued by the memory of her misery at the Wen house. However, Jean had gradually gotten used to not thinking about it. Zed's statement undid all her efforts. He really broke Jean's heart this time.

Jean took a deep breath and tried to control her emotions. Her eyes turned red from the effort of holding back unshed tears. Despite feeling extremely grieved, she managed to smile, "You are right. All my life I have been used, be it by my parents or by people like you. That's the lesson I've learned; that people are selfish and I should be as well to survive. We are from different families. You can get whatever you want, I'm not as lucky as you. No matter what I do, I only consider my own interests. As for our marriage, I only regard it as a shortcut to an extravagant life. Is this what you wanted to hear? Are you satisfied?"

Jean's smile mimicked the coldness of Zed's expression. There was a time when she used to look at him tenderly. But now, she buried those feelings and treated Zed in the manner in which he was treating her. Her eyes were still misty from the tears she was holding back, but she kept them focused on Zed's face.

Zed was stunned by Jean's reaction. He frowned.

He was behaving quite unusually in recent days. What had happened to him? Whenever he saw Jean, he couldn't help thinking of torturing her, but at the same time, he found that he couldn't bear to see her being hurt. He was in a self-contradictory state.

Jean waited for Zed to say something. However, he had been rendered speechless by the dilemma in which he found himself. Several minutes ticked by and neither spoke.

As their silence continued, the awkwardness became overwhelming.

Jean processed her feelings and smiled, "Here is the bracelet. If Jade asks me about this, I will say that you are keeping it for me."

As soon as Jean was done speaking, the polite smile on her face vanished. Then she turned and began walking away.

"Jean, tell me the truth. Do you really love Ethan?"

Zed finally spoke out. Jean abruptly stopped walking when she heard Zed's question.

'Why can I feel the grief in his words?' Jean couldn't believe her ears.

However, she was reluctant to clarify anymore. She had told Zed so many times before that now, it felt like a futile way to spend her time and energy.

Without replying, Jean returned to the bedroom.

After taking a shower, she prepared to sleep.

When Jean thought about their sleeping arrangements, she remembered that Zed's parents were staying with them in the villa. She realized that Zed would sleep in their bedroom to continue the charade and reassure his parents about their seemingly good relationship.

But Jean was reluctant to sleep in the same bed with Zed. As her eyes searched the room, she noticed the sofa in front of the french windows. She grabbed the quilt from the bed a

Jean hastened to reply with an embarrassing smile, "No, thank you, I have had enough."

"Are you sure?" Zelda looked at Jean with surprise and asked before placing her bowl back on the table.

"Mom, dad, sorry but I have to get to work now, or I will be late. I'm already full, enjoy your breakfast." Jean did not reply to Zelda, instead, she explained her actions to Zed's parents apologetically.

"Jean, you have a job?" Jade was shocked.

"Yes, I... I'm working for a photography company."

Upon hearing this, Sean's face turned grim, "As a married woman, your responsibility is your home. You can't be running around the city, nor working for a photography company. That is improper for your status as a wife! The only thing you should focus on is taking good care of your family!"

Jean was flabbergasted. She hadn't expected that Zed's father would have such orthodox views about the role of women in society.

She was just working not running around the city! There were no grounds to judge her this harshly.

"Dad, photography is my profession and my passion. Additionally, my job brings me income, which makes me independent. You see, if I have my own income, I will not need Zed's money. So in a way, I'm helping Zed save money." Jean made a lame defense.

"Do you really think you can save money for Zed? Your salary can't even cover our daily expenditures. How dare you say that you can save money for us? We have enough money for you to spend!" Sean was so pissed that he thumped the table fiercely. The harmonious atmosphere suddenly changed into a cold and tense one.

Jean was frightened. She didn't expect that Sean would get mad so easily.

She kept silent and looked to Zed for help. However, Zed didn't react. He waited for Jean to handle the situation herself.

"Well, Jean is still young. And so, it's understandable that she would want to follow her passion We can let her resign from work after she is pregnant." Jade finally broke the tension and helped Jean out.

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