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   Chapter 89 Do You Only Care About Money

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That thought made Jean so uncomfortable that she couldn't breathe. It felt like a stone had been placed on her chest.

"Jean, are you asleep?" Jade said as she softly knocked on the door. Her voice zapped Jean out of her thoughts.

Jean quickly wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes and went to open the door. "Not yet, aunt..." She paused and smiled awkwardly as she corrected herself, "I'm sorry, Mom. What can I do for you?"

"It is all right if you're uncomfortable calling me mom now. It doesn't matter. I am sure that you'll get used to it soon after we are more familiar with each other." As Zed's mother entered the room, Jean spotted the box in her hand. It looked antique and was beautifully adorned with delicate carvings.

Zed's mother looked around and then asked, "Where is Zed?"

"He is working in his study."

"Zed is such a workaholic. He always works late. But I think it's not his fault. You know that my husband gave the company to Zed when he was very young. Such a huge responsibility to shoulder and at such an age. It has not been easy for him." She sighed and continued, "Zed didn't have a happy childhood. As you can see, his father has always been very strict. Also, he is so hard on Zed. When he was younger, Zed never went out to play. His father insisted that Zed should either study or watch financial programs. As a result, he has become as serious as his father. Since you're Zed's wife, I hope you will understand him. If he does something that offends you, please do forgive him."

Jean gaped as she heard about Zed's childhood. She suddenly felt sorry for Zed.

She thought, 'It seems that although Zed comes from a very prominent and rich family, yet he didn't get much happiness. No wonder he always treats others with coldness and indifference.'

"Okay, mom, don't worry. I will!"

"Thank you. You're such a nice girl." With tears in her eyes, Zed's mother opened the box in her hand. There was an emerald-green bracelet. It sparkled in the soft glow of the lamp.

"What's this?" Jean asked.

Zed's mother put the bracelet on Jean's wrist and said to her sincerely and earnestly, "It is the Qi family bracelet. When we got married years ago, Zed's grandmother gave it to me. It has been passed on from daughter-in-law to daughter-in-law for generations. Since you're Zed's wife, I give it to you now. In the future, I hope that you will give it to your daughter-in-law."

Jean was dazed for a moment. She was too stunned to say anything.

'The bracelet is a family heirloom? And she wants to give it to me?' thought Jean.

What Zed's mother had

u this bracelet."

With these words, she took off the bracelet, put it on his desk and pursed her lips, "Your mother gave it to me just moments ago."

Zed was astonished to see the bracelet. Obviously, he felt a little surprised at what Jean had just done. But he quickly collected himself and said, "Since my mother has given it to you, just wear it."

"But we're just pretending to be a happy couple. We are going to get divorced after your parents leave. Moreover, this is your family bracelet. It only belongs to a daughter-in-law of the Qi family. I think it is inappropriate for me to have it. Am I not right?"

"If you give it to me now, my mother will be surprised to see that you are not wearing it. How will you explain that?" He raised his head and glanced sharply at her.

Jean was frightened by his expression and stepped back. Then she retorted cautiously, "I can say that for fearing of breaking it, I put it away. What if I break the bracelet by accident one day? From the luster and color of the bracelet, I feel it must be very expensive. If I break it, I am sure I won't be able to afford to replace it."

When she had finished, Jean sensed that there was some serious tension in the study.

At that moment, Zed's expression hardened slowly.

"Am I wrong?" Jean muttered.

"Money? Well, Jean, ever since we got married, everything you do is for selfish reasons. You only care about your own interests, don't you? No wonder your father doesn't love you. Don't you think that you should try to figure out why that is the case by examining your behavior?" He seemed to be really angry. Jean could hear Zed grinding his teeth while speaking with her.

Obviously, the things that Zed had said hurt Jean very much.

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