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   Chapter 88 The Mother-In-Law

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She smiled and turned to look at Jean, "You two make such a wonderful couple! Your relationship seems to be great. I hate to mention but I want to hold my grandson as soon as possible. So you two need to hurry, OK?"

Jean was a little embarrassed. She didn't know how to respond, so she just smiled.

Zed didn't answer his mother. Instead, he just asked blandly, "Mom, what are you doing here?" Jean's eyebrows shot up when she heard how displeased Zed was.

His father, Sean Qi, who had been silently sitting on the sofa, snorted and glared at Zed. "So, you are not happy to see us? I can't believe that you didn't tell us about your marriage. We had to hear about your marriage from someone else. Zed, let me ask you, do you even care about your parents?"

He then had a glare at Jean and complained, "Even if you were in a hurry to get married, you should have found someone who at least matched our family's position. She's the daughter of a small business owner. What did she do to you? Did you even think about the consequences?"

"Dear, don't talk about these things in front of the young, newly married couple. You're embarrassing Jean!" Jade nudged Sean in the arm to settle him before turning to Jean and smiling. "Jean, please don't mind, he means no offense."

Surely enough, there was no such thing as a perfect family.

"Mom, it's OK." She shook her head. Jean couldn't get used to saying the word, mom. It had been so long since she said that word.

Since the marriage was a trade, and Jean was forced to be polite, she still felt a little uncomfortable using the word, mom. An awkward silence followed. Jean shuffled her feet as she stood in front of Zed's parents, trying to figure out what to do next.

Suddenly she had an idea, "Well... Dad and mom, you must not have eaten dinner yet. How about I buy some vegetables and cook a lovely dinner for you?"

Without waiting for anyone to reply, Jean turned and made her way to the kitchen. She had hardly taken a step when a big, warm hand grabbed her arm.

"You will not go anywhere!"

Zed's sudden action astonished the old couple. They had been under the impression that their son had married Jean out of love. They had expected the young couple to be happy. Jean and Zed's behavior, however, was contrary to that of a happy couple's. Jade and Sean's smile froze on their face.

Jean didn't expect that Zed would treat her like this


Jean pulled a face at Zed's retreating back. Before she could finish, Zed turned abruptly. He frowned at her and said coldly, "Don't be naughty!"

"Ha ha ha, I don't know what's wrong with my face!" She smiled stiffly and began following him.

Zelda had been Zed's babysitter after his birth. Zed's parents had lived in the old villa before they moved to a foreign country. It was said that the old villa was much bigger than Zed's villa.

Jade spent the rest of the day talking to Jean about her experiences. Since she wanted to be a grandmother, she spoke specifically about her pregnancy and advised Jean how to take care of herself before and after she would give birth. Jean sat through the conversation politely, smiling and nodding at what Jade said. She wasn't really paying attention.

At that moment, Jean felt lucky that she wasn't really married to Zed. Otherwise she didn't even know how to pay for her concern and love.

Sean, however, still looked very displeased. He couldn't get over the fact that Zed had gotten married without his permission. Jean tried her best to pretend to be a sweet girl. Jade seemed to be satisfied with her but Sean was indifferent.

After dinner, they chatted while drinking sweet soup. Zed and Jean didn't return to their room until nine o'clock.

Zed went into his study after they got back to their room. Jean stood in their room alone. She walked to the window and watching the scene outside.

This was the family she had dreamed of for over twenty years. Ironically, she could only enjoy it when she was pretending to be part of Zed's family.

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